ONCE you decide you would like to build a new home, you will undoubtedly come across the wonderful world of house and land packages.
Trent and Caroline Allen from Hotondo Homes Inverloch believe the appeal of these packages comes from the single contract, fewer decisions and relatively quick build time.
“Although the process can be incredibly simple, there are still a few factors you should seriously consider before deciding which house and land package suits you best,” Trent said.

Choosing a location that will best suit your lifestyle is the first step.
Important things to consider include what public transport is available in the area, distance to family and friends, accessibility to local schools and shops and the parklands and public spaces that are offered.
Make sure you have at least two or more locations in mind so you have more house and land options to discuss with your builder.

Your builder
“Are they licensed and do they have insurance? Always ask these two questions before considering any builder,” Caroline said.
“Do your research and ensure they are reputable and have good referrals before selecting your builder.”

Selecting the land
Always assess the slope of a block of land before purchasing it. Generally the steeper the block the more it will cost to build your home on it.
“You should also check the orientation of the land,” Caroline said.
“When you build, main living areas should be facing north to catch the sun and help reduce heating and cooling costs.”

Selecting the house
You should check out as many display homes as possible when selecting your home.
Compare the designs and choose one that will best suit your lifestyle. Find out what it will cost you to change any aspects of the home you may wish to alter and double check the features that are included or not included.
If possible, aim for a fixed-price building contract to help avoid any unexpected fees.
Your builder will help you get the best deal possible when it comes to house and land packages.
Trent and Caroline offer a wide-range of house and land packages, and provide expert advice to new home buyers.
They build right along the Bass Coast and through South Gippsland
Speak to them today on 5674 3058 for help finding the perfect home for you, or visit their office at Shop 2 Ramsey Boulevard, Inverloch.
Alternatively, visit www.hotondo.com for their full range of designs.