The ABC program Catalyst on Tuesday, February 16 was about concerns over microwave radiation from mobile phones and wifi in schools.
Microwave ovens, mobile phones, blue tooth and wifi usually operate at 2.45 GHz.
One GHz is equal to one billion hertz.
Microwave ovens might be 1000 watts in power and a mobile phone 0.2 of a watt but they are exactly the same radiation (750 watts equals one horsepower).
I recently bought an acoustimeter to read frequencies between 2 and 8 GHz.
I was shocked at the readings I was getting for mobile phones and wifi.
The wifi reading at my computer was much higher than the reading I got from walking around under the mobile phone tower at the Inverloch Football Ground.
I was expecting high readings for the microwave oven and mobile phone but I didn’t expect the high readings I got from wifi.
When I reconnected my old modem which is hard wired to our landline, the reading went back to zero.
The use of wifi near young children who may experience its effect 24/7 needs to be considered by our society.
Remember, they don’t get a choice when they are subject to wifi in schools and at home.
Children are more at risk than adults due to their age and developing bodies.
Microwave radiation is absorbed in greater quantities by children than in adults as seen on Catalyst.
A hard wired house or school avoids all exposure to children.
Wifi just subjects everyone to the radiation.
In 2011 the World Health Organisation labelled microwave radiation a possible 2B carcinogen which puts it in a category with lead and pesticides.
The same year Russia said wifi should not be put in schools due to possible risks.
The German Government now recommends wifi is not placed in schools and the Austrian Medical Association has recommended there be no wifi in schools.
Our safety standards are based around 1950s high powered radar safety standards for immediate thermal injury from heating.
There are no long term studies of the affects low powered continual microwave exposure will have on biological beings such as humans.
When schools talk of a duty of care for students, all available information must be taken into account.
If there is not available information on safety then you should be inclined to caution.
We are dealing with an $18 billion a year industry and wifi has been rushed into schools partly due to political agenda.
Seventy years ago we thought smoking was safe, we thought asbestos was a great building product and DDT was okay to spray around humans.
Today food manufactures fill all processed foods with sugar.
VW thought they could rig their readings for the EPA worldwide to get a cleaner car and more sales.
We have rushed to surround ourselves with convenient gadgets but we need to also understand any effects on our health.
Last year the International Agency for Cancer Research, an agency of WHO, classified Roundup (glyphosate) as probably a carcinogen.
It’s the most widely used spray around schools and it’s the most widely used spray worldwide.
Making money is often the priority over health.
An analogy to the wifi and mobile phone radiation would be to imagine a student in a large swimming pool. Then someone throws a handful of stones into the pool. The splashes would be all the wifi, routers and mobile phones. All the ripples that spread through the water and touch that child in the pool would be the microwave radiation.
In 1997 Lloyds of London the multinational insurer said they would not insure any mobile phone company against any future damages their product causes to health.
If you want to watch another very interesting YouTube program at a school council meeting, this one is excellent: ‘WiFi in Schools – The Facts’.
A local doctor gave me this program to look at, as it is easy to understand and expresses my concerns accurately.
The two actions I would suggest in the interest of ‘duty of care’ would be to have computers in schools hardwired so there is no microwave radiation in classrooms.
At the very least the wifi or router in the classrooms should be turned off when not in use.
Preps shouldn’t be in a classroom surrounded by microwave radiation when they hardly even use computers.
Steve Dunn, a concerned retired teacher, parent and grandparent, Inverloch.