motorbike2aSO concerned is the Transport Accident Commission about the horrific number of motorcycle fatalities on Victoria’s roads so far this year that they have released a personal plea to riders to take every possible effort to stay safe this long weekend and over Easter.

TAC letter: With the Labour Day long weekend fast approaching, many will be looking forward to getting out and enjoying the promised warm weather. As the mercury rises, so too does the number of motorcyclists on the roads so it is timely to remind all road users to be mindful of each other and be safe.

Already in 2016, 20 motorcyclists have lost their lives on Victorian roads, representing the worst start to the year for rider fatalities in 30 years. But this is not about figures. Behind each of the lives lost is a shattered community and a network of family members and loved ones plunged into grief.
Every road user deserves to return safely from every trip so this is not about singling out drivers or riders.It is about everyone in the community taking on road safety as a personal responsibility and making a commitment to being as safe as they can be.

All of these fatalities could have avoided and there are steps we can all take to ensure each other’s safety. Driving or riding at safe and legal speeds, avoiding driving while impaired by fatigue, alcohol or other drugs – these are things that can prevent a tragedy.

Don’t let the hot weather make you relax your attitude towards wearing protective gear that can save your life or reduce the severity of your injuries in the event of a crash. If it’s too hot to wear it, it’s too hot to ride.

So before you climb into the saddle or the driver’s seat, plan your trip and make sure you put getting home safely ahead of all other considerations. It’s the least we can do for our loved ones.

Samantha Cockfield, Senior Manager, Road Safety, Transport Accident Commission