ANT Worth of Newborough had a mint condition 1971 Plymouth Roadrunner at the Leongatha Rotary Show ‘n’ Shine.
It was the first time the car was at the Leongatha show, and first time on the road after an engine had to be built for it six months ago.
Astonishingly the car was in exceptional condition.
“It was basically kept in a barn in Washington,” Ant said.
“It was brought out by a collector in Ringwood and I bought it.
“The only thing that was wrong with it was that when a snow storms came through the US, the barn’s roof collapsed.
“A beam basically impaled the back and crumpled the roof.
“You wouldn’t know if for a bit of buckling on the roof, but we’ll get that fixed soon.
“It’s factory spec – apart from the engine which I had to rebuild six months ago, and the back end because of the damage.”
The Plymouth Roadrunner was a special partnership with Warner Brothers.
“In 1967 Plymouth went to Warner Brothers and bought the rights for $50,000 to use the Roadrunner cartoon.
“Then they went on to spend another $10,000 to develop the ‘beep beep’ horn.”
Ant’s car is still in its basic original condition – it still has the Warner Brothers’ stickers, steering wheel decal, horn, car mats, black and orange interior and manual – complete with Roadrunner cartoons.
Ant said his interest in the car was two-fold; the intriguing story behind its name and development, and its Nascar credentials.
“It was so successful at Nascar, they changed the rules for it.
“The 1970 Superbird [which the Roadrunner was based on] won a lot of races at Nascar, so much that Nascar ruled that the car had to increase its weight and engine output.”
Ant’s Roadrunner is one of only four others in Victoria.