Why does the council continue to treat ratepayers like mushrooms?
I read from the minutes of the meeting on February 24 that some two months later council passes a motion to keep discussions from December regarding the draft budget hidden from the ratepayers.
The motion that was passed was made under section 89 (2)(h).
For this to have any justification it is to be believed that prejudice could happen to council or an individual yet no mention in the motion of who would have prejudice against them.
I asked a councillor this question and the response was “sorry, can’t answer that”.
So my question to the Mayor and the CEO of South Gippsland Shire, please explain to the ratepayers (mushrooms) who would have prejudice against them in order to hide behind this section of the act?
I also note with the recent news release from the Victorian Ombudsman that they are “Investigating transparency of local government decision making”. Yet our council decides to hide more from the
I will be writing a submission to the Ombudsman and I also urge other readers to do the same.
This council seems to treat the ratepayers with utter contempt the way it fights tooth and nail to keep debate behind closed doors more and more and more.
Matt Sherry, Port Franklin.