Here we go again. After repeated promises to consult with ratepayers, Bass Coast Shire councillors once again thumb their collective noses at the people they purport
to represent.
Having found few ratepayers willing to pay for a green waste service, and recently noting an overwhelming opposition to increases in rates above 2.5 per cent, councillors voted unanimously in favour of a compulsory charge for a weekly food and waste collection, “subject to the outcome of the 2016 Waste Service Tender”.
The estimated additional cost to every ratepayer is $56 per annum, an increase of almost 20 per cent on current garbage charges.
One might assume such a potentially unpopular decision, particularly when it includes reducing ordinary garbage collections to fortnightly, must have a very compelling business case.
Actually, there is no business case at all.
Instead, councillors relied on yet another consultant’s report where the cost of services to the public is considered to be of little importance.
Based on the available information, it seems the tangible benefits of the complex three-bin system will be worth no more than $6 for every $56 spent.
In other words, ratepayers could achieve the same result, with much less effort, if they each pay $6 to offset tip generated greenhouse gasses and put the remaining $50 directly into in their garbage bin!
Keith Finney, Inverloch.