By King George

FOUR very fortunate boaters should by now realise how lucky they were not be added to our boating fatalities during last week.
Experienced Wonthaggi boating anglers Tom Allan, Rob Jones and Tony Zamut were out below the bridge at San Remo last Tuesday looking for a fish.
The time was around 8pm and they were just inside the eastern entrance when they spotted a small motorboat that was being paddled by hand, literally by hand, as there were no oars aboard and the motor had failed. The boat was drifting towards a very rough patch of water near the entrance and the situation was serious.
Fortunately for the boat in distress, the tide was running in and a rope was thrown to the crew, which consisted of four very frightened teenagers.
The long trip back to shore began.
They requested to be dropped off ashore on the Phillip Island side and their rescuers continued on fishing but didn’t add to their catch.
Mr Allan and his crew were amazed at the complete lack of safety gear and obvious lack of common sense equipment such as flares and oars.
The boat they were in was unregistered and way too small to accommodate the four people.
Mr Allan says that if the tide had been running out instead of in, they could have been swept out into the open ocean and possibly never be seen again.
Mr Allan said that the occupants obviously received a big fright but he again points out that if everything had not been in their favour, such as the run in tide and the fact that there was just one other boat on the water and barely enough daylight, we could have had yet another avoidable disaster.
I agree completely with the comments made by Mr Allan. I have seen many disasters on the water and agree that with a bit of common sense just about all these could have been avoided.
– King George (aka Alan McFayden) is the Sentinel-Times’ ‘Tightlines’ fishing correspondent.