One very dark night, my car broke down, kilometres from anywhere.
I did not have a phone and cars sped past me even though I obviously needed help.
Finally, a car pulled in and a lovely couple came to my rescue. It was hard to see each other in the dark and they said, “Is that you Dominique? It’s us, Marg and Roy Comrie.”
They help me get back on the road and home.
Fast forward about 16 years to Friday and I broke down again, 40km in the opposite direction to the last break down, my elderly mum with me.
There is no phone reception, so I start walking up the hill holding my phone in the air. Cars pass me, until a nice lady stops and shows me where there is a farm house, gives me great advice and says she will check on me in an hour.
As she departs, a ute pulls in near mine and a young man asks my mum, “You okay?” I run back, so relieved.
I tell him I can’t get any phone reception, so we try his. Hooray, a signal!
There is no answer from the tow truck number, so the young man who says his name is Jason, starts working on my ute. He is in the engine, underneath the ute, on the phone for hours. No luck, poor old ute is not going anywhere.
Finally the towing companies rings back – they are on their way.
It is getting dark, and Jason says “I’ll wait till you are safely on your way.”
We are all chatting and my mum asks Jason his surname. He tells us “Comrie, my grandparents live down your way, Marg and Roy Comrie.”
Coincidence? What a huge one. Members of the same family stopping to help, years apart, on a quiet country road.
Some families know the true meaning of kindness and consideration to others. Some families, like the Comries, sure do raise them right.
Dominique Oje and Adrienne Tripp, Buffalo.