Our council has lost its way when Cr Neil Rankine says “the budgets of the Bass Coast Shire are not sustainable”.
Mary and I were at the meeting on March 9 at the Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club to discuss the closure of the Visitors Information Centre (VIC).
At the meeting it was unanimously agreed that the VIC should remain opened.
We read with interest that the 2016 projected population for Melbourne for 2016 is 5.2 million people. That’s a 36 per cent increase from the 2011 numbers.
The Bass Coast budgets need to be allowing for this increased growth in its budgets.
For the first time in history we are living in a time of negative interest rates.
Twenty countries are running negative interest rates (think Germany) which is unbelievable.
What an opportunity!
Let’s make the City of Bass Coast a reality and keep our VIC open to welcome the visitors to our beautiful Bass Coast.
The Bass Coast council needs to have a very, very clear vision on where we want to be, and how we are going to get there.
Think a one page plan and not another bloody consultant’s report.
Frank and Mary Schooneveldt, Goat Island Gallery, Wonthaggi.