It was with concern I read in the Sentinel-Times of the impending closure of the Visitor’s Information Centre at Wonthaggi, but my greatest dismay was the comment allegedly made by Cr Neil Rankine who indicated that he had only seen three caravans using the parking facilities in the last three years and whenever he had walked by there were no cars in the car park.
I was not only dismayed and disillusioned by this statement I was also very disappointed as I believe Cr Rankine is one of the councillors supposedly representing Wonthaggi, and I remember receiving a ‘ how to vote’ letter from him asking for our vote when he was standing for the position, and the aspirations he had for our town.
We live very close to the information centre and this morning I noted there were two caravans in the car park so I immediately rang the council offices to make them aware of the fact.
I also noted a little after that phone call that two more caravans pulled up and then another a little later on. That was only in one morning and we often comment about how many caravans and cars use this centre. I find it difficult to accept that the person who supposedly is “our representative” is not aware of this activity.
I believe it is an essential asset of any town regardless of whether they run at a loss or make a profit. I wonder just how many information centres throughout the State run at a loss. When visiting places that this where one goes for “Information” for that particular area and how often have we been led to believe that Wonthaggi is going to grow into a regional hub.
I believe it is a very important part of all towns and instead of closing it down I think the current phrase is to “Value Add”. I am sure that throughout our town there are many areas which could be highlighted as well as various people with different talents who could display them.
I hope that the council will give greater thought to our needs and instead of closing this entre, make cuts to the number of staff employed.
Gwen Milnes, Wonthaggi.