NEWHAVEN will be awash with yachts this Labour Day weekend when the 2016 Victorian State Impulse Yacht Championships hits the shores.
Hosted by the Newhaven Yacht Squadron in partnership with the Rhyll Yacht Club, races will be held on Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning and afternoon, and Monday morning from March 12 to 14.
The Impulse 4.0 metre Sports Sailing Dinghy is a fast and exciting single-handed off-the-beach yacht that was originally designed by Arthur Caldwell in Melbourne during the mid-1970s as a home-built, plywood sports sailing dinghy that could be sailed on his local waters of Port Phillip Bay.
The early Impulses were developed into sailing dinghies well suited to the bay’s challenging swells of one metre plus.
They were also found to plane very well on calmer waters which made them popular at various sailing locations throughout Australia, and over the following three decades the Impulse’s design has been further refined to become a stable and forgiving, yet fast dinghy.
Today, Impulses are sailed and raced in many off-the-beach sailing clubs across all states of Australia.
South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland hold yearly Impulse state championships and once a year Impulse sailors from around Australia meet in one of these four states to race at the Impulse 4.0 Metre Sports Dinghy nationals.
The hull shape gives the Impulse high heeling stability on the water in rough and windy conditions.
It is easily controlled and comfortable to sail, while having outstanding performance.
The hull is lightweight, weighing only 47kg.
A competitive Impulse Dinghy’s hull can be built at home with commonly available tools by an amateur boat builder or it can be purchased ready to sail from a professional boat builder.
The regatta at Newhaven provides a great opportunity for spectators and those pondering the appeal of sailing, to have a look at these exciting boats as well as the Newhaven Yacht Squadron and marina.
The Yacht Squadron is very eager to welcome and assist members of the public who would like to explore the exhilarating sport of sailing.
The squadron holds regular Introduction to Sailing days suitable for beginners.
These are conducted by experienced sailors including one sailor who finished seventh in the National Championships, and the squadron can supply the dinghies.
You can discover more about the Newhaven Yacht Squadron by visiting
For further information about the regatta, contact the Rear Commodore by email at