I write in response to the article “Not in ‘crisis’ says hospital CEO” published in the South Gippsland Sentinel Times of March 22.
The article contained errors of fact and inferences which may reflect negatively on me and others and which I can only presume has been provided to you by individuals with an axe to grind.
Your article states that I am a personal friend of former CEO Veronica Jamison and leaves the reader to conclude that this friendship preceded my employment at Bass Coast Health.
For the record, before applying for my role at Bass Coast Health, I had never met the former CEO Veronica Jamison. Any friendship we enjoyed developed as a result of working closely together over the past 11 months and mutual professional respect.
Further, your article suggests I was a former secretary of the ‘troubled’ HSU No 5 branch.
The No. 5 branch was the former Administration and Management Branch, which merged with the No 1 Branch in 2009.
The No 5 Branch was never the subject of any scandal which later plagued the HSU; nor was it subject to any action by the Fair Work Commission or its antecedents.
Your article leaves the reader to conclude otherwise. Again it seems to diminish my credibility in the eyes of your readership.
I am proud of my record as a trade unionist and this affiliation has nothing to do with my role at Bass Coast Health other than to inform the values within which I lead my life, both personally and professionally. Including references to the HSU No 5 branch appears to serve no other purpose but to create some sense of ‘skulduggery’.
While I’m conscious of the old adage to never ‘pick a fight with those who buy ink by the barrel’, in the interest of fairness I respectfully request that you publish this letter in full.
Terrie Seymour, former manager – People & Culture at Bass Coast Health.