SAFETY on Loves Lane at Dumbalk has been put under the spotlight by local residents concerned about the road and the intersection with Farmers Road.
The Nationals Member for Gippsland South Danny O’Brien recently organised for VicRoads officials to meet with local landowners who are concerned about this winding and tricky stretch of road.
“Loves Lane is quite windy with steep drop-offs on the side of the road, but has no safety barriers and limited warning signs,” Mr O’Brien said.
“There is also a visibility issue at the intersection of Loves Lane and Farmers Road caused by trees which makes it difficult for vehicles turning into Farmers Road to see oncoming traffic.
“I’ve been contacted by local residents who have noted that Loves Lane may not be high on the VicRoads works priority list because many accidents occur that are not reported.
“Often cars go over the edge or into ditches due to the steep and winding nature of the road but are pulled out by local farmers with tractors and no assistance is sought.
“However, there have been serious accidents in the vicinity over the past few years and VicRoads gave local landowners a good hearing and hopefully we will see some improvements soon.”
Mr O’Brien said he was hopeful that safety barriers might be installed in this area to reduce the number of run-off accidents.
“Loves Lane is the main access road between the Latrobe Valley and the Tarwin Valley and is surprisingly busy.
“It is also popular with tourists and motorcyclists and I’m pleased to be able to seek improvements to this stretch of road.”