The release of rubbery costings from $5000 to $70,000 for road and drainage upgrades shows that the Bass Coast Shire Council (BCSC) are hell-bent on driving the people of Sunset Strip into debt and poverty.
In the current economic climate, how on earth do they expect pensioners, retirees, single parents and others in this low socio-economic area to come up with the $7m-plus, which the BCSC can’t find itself?
Given that our rubbish collection is charged separately, it seems to be costing the property owners in Sunset Strip nearly a million dollars a year to have the roads graded a couple of times.
Surely, at least some of this money BCSC has been collecting for years could go back to the community in the form of primer seal and a drainage upgrade.
It appears this money is absorbed by highly paid pen pushers who justify their wages by dictating debts to us that most don’t want and cannot afford.
Shame, shame, shame on each of you.
Where is the respect for the people paying your wages?
Does the BCSC think its grand plans will come to fruition because we can be exploited and are nothing but a bunch of fools who will be easily parted from our money?
We have not seen hide nor hair of our McHaffie Ward representative, the former $100,000 per-annum mayor, Kimberley Brown, since she sold us out when casting the deciding vote to continue this Special Charge Scam (SCS) after two questionnaires convincingly showed that 71 per cent and then 76 per cent of respondents said ‘no’ to paying for roads and drainage.
Again, no respect for people she is supposed to represent.
Maybe most of our rates are going to CEO Paul Buckley and his posse of $200,000-plus per annum cronies.
What a disappointment Buckley has been since his first public meeting in Newhaven where he spoke about community involvement. Perhaps he could have been clear he was only interested in those who agree with him.
Getting rid of one of his cronies would probably finance the cost of primer seal for the entire Sunset Strip estate.
If Mr Buckley was a washing machine we believe he would be permanently on full spin!
Perhaps he could use some of our rates for a bus fare back to Traralgon.
It is clear to all that the surveyed majority in Sunset Strip do not want this SCS. BCSC have no mandate to continue except to justify their own jobs and political aspirations.
Sunset Strip Road Watch Collective.