By King George

THE break in the weather at the end of the week saw a sudden return to winter and as a result only the most hardy would want to try their luck at any form of fishing.

Surf: As has been the case for some time there have been reasonable returns of salmon to the 2kg mark being caught mainly on the run in tide.
Whitebait seems to have been the best of the presentations along with poppers also in the mix.

Inverloch: Before the big blow there had been plenty of reports both inside and outside the inlet.
Graham Ozens and a crew decided to try their luck out wide after having a number of successful previous outings.
They had some GPS marks and Graham said that the first stop however did not produce anything.
Another mark was tried and it wasn’t long before there was action and in short time they had three nice gummies aboard that were all taken on pilchard.
They had a few more moves and finished up with four gummies and a very good quality bag of flathead and one good size pinkie snapper and they were happy.
Still outside the entrance there have been good reports of flathead that have been to the 700gm mark taking a variety of presentations including whitebait, squid, and mullet fillets.
Locals who know the area have been doing very well outside the entrance where there always seem to be very good size whiting to the 50cm mark being caught on Bass yabbies and pipis.
Mixed in with the royals have been quality garfish and flathead that make the effort worthwhile.
Inside the entrance the good reports continue in places such as Pensioners Corner.
This is a very popular area as far as land-based anglers are concerned who have been catching a variety of fish such as flathead, silvers, mullet, salmon and the occasional whiting.
Baits such as pipis, Bass yabbies, sandworms and cockles have been among the successful presentations.
The jetty has been fairly quiet through the week and when the weather broke, it dropped off to no activity at all, which includes fish and fishers.
In The Snags areas there had been a bit of activity with best results being at low water on both sides of the tide.
Any whiting caught in this area are usually very good size and fish to the 50cm mark can be landed but the area is not called The Snags for no reason.
For the benefit of those not familiar with the area there is plenty of underwater furniture and if you hook into a fish, dispense with the niceties and get them up straight away as they will make straight for the woodwork and if successful, they will have had a victory.
Further up the inlet there have been positive reports as far as whiting have been concerned.
They are not huge but being to the 35cm mark they are well worthwhile going after.
Bass yabbies and pipis seem to be the best of the presentations.
Stevies Gutter seems to be going along quite all right with low water being the best time to wet a line.
Boaters might have a bit of a battle in negotiating the sandbar at the entrance but having done that there has been good numbers of perch, flathead and whiting being caught on a variety of baits such as pipis, squid strips and Bass yabbies.
The Double Islands area has been worth a look where there is a steep double concrete ramp.
This area can be a bit of a trap, especially at low water and best not negotiated by inexperienced boaters.
There have been good numbers of flathead, mullet and perch that are being caught on a variety of small baits.
Good mates Paul Bird, Dino Tiziani and Brett Forsyth can nearly always be seen out on the water looking for a fish.
Recently they decided to try their luck around the flat rocks area looking for whatever might come along.
Things were fairly quiet it appears until suddenly there was a very positive enquiry.
Dino had his rod sitting on the front of the boat and not paying much attention when he should have because suddenly it flew out of the boat into the water and disappeared.
Dino decided to follow his expensive piece of equipment much to the amusement of his two mates but as luck would have it he managed to grab hold of the runaway rod and returned back to the boat.
There was further good fortune for Dino; as he was in the process of rewinding the line he realized that he had a fish on the other end and after a battle he landed a very good size whiting and from now on said he will not take his eye off his rods again.

Shallow Inlet: Karen Starrett who runs the local caravan park says the wind has kept most boats off the water but prior to that there had been very good numbers of quality whiting being bagged.
Hopefully the good fishing conditions will resume but of course we all know how dry things are and rain is desperately needed.

Port Welshpool: Good numbers of king fish were being bagged up until the weather broke and all activity grounded to a halt.
Whiting were being caught in the Lewis Channel to the 36cm mark along with flathead, mullet and silvers and hopefully will still be around when the unfriendly conditions move on.
The jetties have been productive where fish such as silvers, mullet, flathead, squid and the occasional whiting are in fairly good numbers.

Port Albert: The fishing came to a halt through the week as to be expected.
As a result there have not been any reports from this area.

Lakes Entrance: Good size King George whiting are biting in Rigby and South Channel, on peeled prawn and sandworm.
Other Channels have large tailor and flathead striking metal lures and soft plastics.
North Arm has plenty of gars, with mullet around the town jetties.

Lake Tyers: Flathead and gars have been caught around Blackfellows Arm and Mill Point, on sandworm and local prawn.
Tailor are still active around No2 Jetty.
Bream are cruising between Reedy and Camerons Arm.

Mitchell River: Bream have been taken from Shadoof Lodge to Grassy Banks, using local prawn and vibes.
The Highway Bridge area is still producing estuary perch, on soft plastics and diving lures.

Tambo River: Flathead have been hooked at the mouth of the river, using soft plastics and prawn.
Bream can be had between Rough Road and Sardines Flat. Try prawn and shrimp baits.

Nicholson: A lot of bream have been undersize, but larger ones are around the jetty and the Railway Bridge. Best bait is peeled prawn and sandworm.

Metung: The Boardwalk has bream feasting on local prawn.
Bancroft Bay has flathead chasing soft plastics and pilchard.

Paynesville: Local jetties have bream biting on bread and sandworm.
Flathead and bream are being caught in Newlands and Duck Arm, using local prawn and soft plastics.

Hollands Landing: Toms Creek is providing some good sport, with large bream taking spider crab and prawn.

Marlo: Some lucky offshore anglers have been hooking into marlin, whilst fishing for flathead on pilchard.
The estuary is still fishing well, with flathead, bream and trevally partial to spider crab, prawn and sandworm.
Luderick are lurking around the Rock Groynes.
The surf has gummies and bronze whalers.

Bemm River: The channel is producing tailor, trevally and flathead, on live prawn and lures.
The lakes are good for bream on peeled prawn.

Tamboon: Bream, mullet and tailor have been landed around Peach Tree Creek, using fresh prawn and sandworm.

Mallacoota: Both lakes have bream, salmon and tailor. Best bait is local prawn, yabbies and hard bodied lures.
The Wallagaraugh River has estuary perch to 40cm.
The Narrows are good for flathead and bream.

Omeo High Country: Recent rain has improved the rivers, with trout biting in the Livingstone and Mitta Mitta on crickets.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THERE is a media release from the Victorian Government doing the rounds at the moment about the price increase for fishing licence which is asking people to make comment about the proposed changes.
I am not sure how much influence your comments will have in regard to stopping any increase but if you want to have a say this is where you need to do it and not to those who sell the licences after the increase.
For those who haven’t seen the paper, the proposal is to change the 48 hour licence to a three-day licence and increase to $10; the 28-day licence increase from $12 to $20; the one-year licence from $24.50 to $35 and the three-year licence from $66 to $90.
The last price increase was in 2008.
The changes are due to take effect on July 1 and submissions close on April 19.
One and three-year licences will be offered at a discounted price if purchased online and sent out as a plastic licence.

There was a big lack of fishermen this week partly due to the weather with a couple of very ordinary days but I think it had more to do with the closeness of the long weekends.
The weather Sunday was quite good and there was a couple of breaks during the week and those who took advantage managed to bag a feed of fish often containing a few different species.
The best news over the last week or so has been from those swimming and surfing telling me the water has warmed up again with what seems to be a bit of a current coming down.
If you are going to be heading offshore over Easter it will be well worth watching your temperature gauge on your sounder and if you find a bit of warmer water throw the lures out for a while.
I have had no confirmed catches but several sightings of what has been described as tuna schools jumping which I would suggest to be stripieys.
If this was only coming from one customer you might put it down as a rumour but I have had the same story from several people now so the next flat calm day might be worth trolling around some small feathers or squid skirts around and look for a school of jumping fish.
From those who did fish this week nothing much has changed from the last few weeks, pinkies are small with the odd bigger one being caught especially around both bay entrances.
The smaller ones can be found almost all over the bay with them more concentrated on The Corals.
Whiting have remained frustrating and at times almost impossible to find or more to the point impossible to find through all the toadies and leatherjackets.
What is more frustrating with the whiting at the moment is 10 people will wander into the shop saying what a tough day it was to get their six whiting then the next three people come in saying how they got their bag without any problems or any moves.
I don’t think we have a shortage of any species of fish, I think the bay is extremely healthy at the moment and the numbers of all types of baitfish has increased considerably which is of course food for other fish which maybe has something to do with it.

We are starting to get a few reports of elephant fish now both from the boats and a few from the land based anglers as well.
Those from the boats have come from the shallow end of The Corals and towards Leola Shoal areas while the land based catches have come from Cowes Jetty, Rhyll Jetty and the beaches at Tenby and Stockyard points.

Calamari a little slow on the jetty at San Remo this week but if you put in the time you were rewarded with at least a couple.
Most were fairly small and at times the bigger ones were there but the smaller ones were much quicker and so the bigger ones couldn’t get to the jig.
Colours this week went back to the traditional pink and orange.
The boats reported much the same with a lot of small calamari around and only a few bigger ones with the main difference being most colours of jigs worked.

The shop hours will be extended over the Easter break and we will be open all day on Good Friday.
We will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 6am.

Fishing licence fees to increase

THE State Government has invited recreational fishers to have their say on proposed changes to Victoria’s recreational fishing licensing system.
Every cent from licence fees goes back into projects to improve recreational fishing opportunities.
Under proposed changes, the price of recreational fishing licences will increase from July 1 this year.
Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford said extra revenue generated will be spent on boosting recreational fishing.
“Extra revenue will increase fish stocking, improve boating facilities, create better access, commercial netting removal and help create a better fishing experience in more places.
“By improving fishing opportunities we will increase the number of recreational fishers to one million, creating jobs, supporting local businesses and strengthening our rural and regional communities.”
Recreational fishing licence fees have not increased since 2008, and since 1999 the price of a one-year licence has increased from $20 to $24.50.
The current two-day licence ($6) will be replaced with a three-day licence for $10, and a 28-day licence will increase from $12 to $20.
A one-year licence will increase from $24.50 to $35, in line with the NSW licence fee, and a three-year licence will rise from $66 to $95.
If purchased online, the one and three year licences will be discounted to $33 and $90 respectively, and anglers will continue to receive a plastic licence in the mail, as they have since November 2015 when plastic licences were introduced.
There will be no changes to exemptions and children under 18 will continue to fish for free.
A five week public consultation period on the changes began last week with the release of a Regulatory Impact Statement and draft amendment regulations, which are available online along with more information about the changes.
For more information, visit:
Submissions close on 19 April, 2016.