Seven year-old Nicholas Gilham looks happy with this big whiting caught at Welshpool.

Seven year-old Nicholas Gilham looks happy with this big whiting caught at Welshpool.

Rhyll Angling Club president Daniel McCausland, right, presents the shield for the overall competition to Wonthaggi Angling Club president Stephen Howell, left.

Rhyll Angling Club president Daniel McCausland, right, presents the shield for the overall competition to Wonthaggi Angling Club president Stephen Howell, left.

Jarrod Donohue won a rod and reel at the Rhyll Angling Club v Wonthaggi Angling Club competition recently. He took home the major prize for biggest individual whiting – weighing in at a very impressive 725g.

Jarrod Donohue won a rod and reel at the Rhyll Angling Club v Wonthaggi Angling Club competition recently. He took home the major prize for biggest individual whiting – weighing in at a very impressive 725g.

By King George

Through the week there were both positive and negative reports and at times there was a fair wait between enquiries.
The conditions however were very good with virtually no wind, which lured many boats out on the water to try their luck.

Surf: There were quite a few land-based anglers looking for a fish but even though there were reasonable numbers of salmon being caught on the run in tide there was plenty of work for each fish.

Inverloch: Through the week there were quite a few boaters trying their luck outside the entrance and enjoying return for efforts.
Out wide there were good numbers of gummy sharks being caught on pilchards and squid baits.
Flathead are still in numbers that range from nuisance value to the 2kg mark and no doubt this should continue for some time yet.
In closer there are still good numbers of whiting being bagged for those who know where to look.
Experienced locals are at an advantage and they seldom miss out on quality whiting to grace the table.
There are also very good size garfish being bagged along with some quality flathead on both sides of the tide.
Inside the entrance there have been fairly good numbers of whiting being caught mainly at low water where they have been to the 35cm mark as well as mullet, silvers, flathead and the occasional gummy shark.
Further up around the Screw Creek area there seems to be plenty of smallish flathead making the effort worthwhile.
They are taking a variety of natural baits and soft plastic lures.
Further up towards Stevies Gutter perch are being caught by those who now where to look.
Mixed in with them are flathead and whiting.
The flathead have been caught as the water runs off the mud flats and this is when they will swoop on the smaller fish as they look for someplace else to swim in the deeper water.
Mahers Landing has been productive with boaters and land-based anglers happy with their work.
Boaters have been travelling up as far as the Double Islands but are careful as the water becomes very shallow at low water.
This is where there have been coutta, flathead, mullet and silvers being caught on a variety of natural baits.
On the other side of the boat ramp there have been good numbers of whiting that are taking baits such as pipis and Bass yabbies.
Land-based anglers are doing fairly well where flathead, mullet and as the tide rises, gummy sharks are taking a variety of baits.
There have not been any reports as far as the Tarwin River has been concerned but no doubt a visit to the area would be worthwhile.
The constructed fishing platforms have been very popular with visitors where the best time seems to be on the run out tide.
There have been quite a few kayaks being seen out on the water and this form of fishing continues to grow in popularity.
The rock wall near the entrance always seems to have hopefuls trying their luck and there is usually someone who will have a perch, mullet, silver or an eel in a bag to brag about.

Shallow Inlet: Karen Starrett who runs the local caravan park with husband Rob says the good fishing continues where both locals and holidaymakers are happy with their returns.
Karen says very good size whiting and flathead have been caught along with gummy sharks and says no doubt this will continue for some time yet, given the conditions.
She has not heard of any other species caught but given the numbers of boaters and land-based anglers wetting a line, anything is possible.
This area is like many others and netting is banned.
As a result the quality bags speak for themselves.

Port Welshpool: Information from the boat storage is that over the weekend there has been plenty of quality gummies, whiting and smallish snapper to the 3kg mark being caught.
Outside around the islands there have been quite a few king fish being caught as well as gummy sharks.
Paul Williams can always be found out on the water looking for whatever might come along.
On this occasion he decided to look for a king fish with a micro jigging rig.
As it turned out he managed to hook into and land a very nice size kingie at Cliffy Island where there have been numerous fish of these species caught, but not after a long fight.
The Lewis Channel has been productive as far as whiting are concerned.
They have not been huge but the usual size being up to the 37cm mark, which makes them worth the effort.
Mixed in with them are silvers, mullet and flathead.
Nicholas Gilham was a very happy when he hooked into a very nice whiting, which put up a great fight before being landed.
The fish was caught on the run in tide at the Lewis Channel and he can’t wait to get out and do it all again.
The jetties are worth a visit where squid are in very good numbers and taking a variety of jigs.
Silvers, flathead, mullet and the occasional quality whiting are also being bagged, with best results being on the eastern end of the structure on the run in tide.

Port Albert: The good fishing continues and according to Rob Killury who has the local general store.
He says this is one of the best seasons he can remember, especially as far as whiting are concerned.
There has also been plenty of gummies and quality snapper being caught and no doubt this will continue given the good conditions.

Lakes Entrance: Plenty of flathead, trevally, salmon and some large tailor have been caught around Rigby Island, using prawn, pilchard and lures.
Some yellowtail king fish are still being hooked between Kalimna and Metung.
Trevally and mullet are cruising around the town jetties.
Eastern Beach has salmon to 2kg.

Lake Tyers: Fishing has slowed down, but bream have been landed between Devils Hole and Nowa Nowa. A few estuary perch were also taken.
Tailor have been active throughout the Lake, with some large flathead in Blackfellows Arm, chasing prawns.

Mitchell River: Estuary perch are biting after sunset around the Highway Bridge, using deep diving lures.
Bream can be had around The Cut, on peeled prawn.
Gars are around the butter factory.

Tambo River: Anglers are bagging out on bream, between Rough Road and Sandys Bluff. Local prawn accounted for most fish.

Nicholson: Bream to 38cm have been landed around the Car Bodies, using peeled prawn.

Metung: Shaving Point is producing bream and the odd king George whiting. Pipi and local prawn are catching fish.
Flathead are striking soft plastics around Duck Arm.
Plenty of bream and luderick are under the jetties and in the strait. Sandworm, bread and peeled prawn are picking up fish.

Hollands Landing: Griffin Point has good size bream on the chew, using sandworm and prawn.

Marlo: The estuary is fishing well, with estuary perch, bream flathead, luderick and mullet providing plenty of sport.
Local prawn, sandworm and spider crab are taking fish.
The surf has some big bronze sharks, tailor and salmon.

Bemm River: The lake has large bream biting on live prawn.
Flathead and tailor are in the channel, with metal lures taking most fish.

Tamboon: Bream, mullet and tailor are cruising between the jetty and the island. Prawn, pipi and lures are catching fish.

Mallacoota: The narrows has flathead, bream and tailor feasting on live bait, yabbies and sandworm.
The Top Lake and rivers have schools of good size bream.
The wharf is good for luderick.

Omeo High Country: The Gibbo River is holding some large trout, which are partial to hoppers and Celtas.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 0401 199 223. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

The reports this week have actually picked up a bit and hopefully will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks during Easter and the holidays.
With the reasonable weather there have been more people out fishing which always helps in getting more reports.
Although reports improved there were still plenty that struggled and like the last few weeks the ones that are fishing outside what is considered traditional times have done well.

Whiting reports were good this week with the boats and kayaks the best but the odd one was caught from the land as well.
I had a couple reported from the beach at Ventnor from early in the week and from the sand bar at San Remo during the low tide.
I had a report of one being caught from the Newhaven Jetty but I didn’t actually see the fish and would suggest from the description it was a grass whiting.
The boats and the kayaks have fished in all the usual spots and those lucky enough to drop on them all but bagged out while everyone else worked hard for a feed.
There were more customers reporting catches of whiting and the size seemed to be a bit better as well but like every week plenty missed out altogether.
Others reported bagging out one day then missing out for the next two or three days.
The best spot was impossible to work out because it seemed to change daily and everyone had the best spot which were different places.
The best advice I can give is to just be prepared to travel a bit looking for the fish.
I had a few customers lately telling me they have been catching whiting in the channels while fishing for pinkies so it might be worth making yourself up a deep water whiting rig for use while you are in the channels or deeper parts of the bay.

Pinkies have been some of the best we have seen for some time and all from the same area around Silverleaves and Cowes.
There have been a lot around the 38cm to 40cm mark mixed in with the small ones.
The reports have come from the Shallows and into the deeper water near the channel with almost all the reports on squid.
Several small ones were reported from other areas but undersize so not keepers.
If you want to find the smaller ones you only have to go as far as The Corals where there are plenty.
A couple from land based just under the 38cm mark from Cowes Jetty and a couple slightly smaller from the Newhaven Jetty.
The only other spot for pinkies was from the rocks at Sunderland Bay on the low tide where they also caught some trevally and plenty of wrasse.

Calamari have been inconsistent like everything else and one day you will wander down to the jetty and bag out then the next day see plenty but struggle to catch more than a couple.
The size has been more consistent than the numbers with small to average size around 15cm hood and only the odd big one of 30cm or more.
The boats had a similar story with the size but the numbers were more consistent and the area in Cleeland Bight the best.
Calamari are still being caught in most parts of the bay so it’s worth throwing a jig out no matter where you are.

Offshore and there are plenty of flathead if you find them there is just a few gallons of water in between them – same as has been over the last few weeks small patches but thick and a few drifts over them is needed.
Not many on the kings this week but still some big patches of salmon with some as big as 3kg – only a couple on a shark drift that we know of with a small Mako caught and another blue shark around 40kg with the biggest caught a 113kg bronze whaler.

The San Remo Fishing Festival is on this weekend; there will be displays and demonstrations as well as the usual market stalls and rides for the kids.
The fishing festival starts around 9am.
This weekend we will be running another fishing competition.
There is no entry fee, registration or age limit just a bit of good fun on the long weekend.
The competition will run from 6am Saturday, March 12 and finish 4pm Sunday, March 13.
It’s a secret weight competition and not a heaviest weight so the closest to our secret weight wins.
Each person can only weigh one of each species per day.
Fish must be back to the shop by 4pm on Sunday.
The prize for squid is $50 worth of squid jigs and whiting $50 worth of store credit and thanks to a generous donation by Rob from SEAL diving services we will also be putting up a $50 store voucher for the closest flathead.
The competition is valid for boats or land based and will go ahead regardless of the weather and it couldn’t be easier, catch a fish and bring it in to get it weighed if you are the closest you win.