A SLIGHTLY smaller yarding of 421 head at Warragul last Wednesday saw demand remain firm to stronger, with the vealer category reaching a top of 349.6c/kg.
Heifers also gave a lift in the top end, although weights were lighter on average in the secondary pens keeping the price average firm.
Bullocks were lighter with some lacking condition and ended the day firm to marginally easier, and the steer section saw easier demand in the secondary pens pulling the average back 13c.
The yard average for Wednesday was 3c better at 279.5c/kg.
The 48 bullocks made to 285.6c/kg, back 4c, and averaged 262.1, back 3, while the 36 heifers made to 310c/kg, up 23c, and averaged 262.6, firm.
The 89 steers made to 300c/kg, firm, and averaged 256.5, back 12, while the 238 veal made to 349.6c/kg, up 10c, and averaged 301, up 13.
The numbers keep rolling in for the Thursday bull and cow sale with 627 head yarded.
The 21 bulls reached 296.6c/kg to average 236.6, back 12c, while the 596 cows made to a top of 257.6c/kg, back 6c and averaged 7c easier at 183.6.
The yard average eased 8c to 187.3c/kg.
Below is a list of prices supplied by selling agents.