At the start of July the Federal Government plans to end the funding incentive for bulk billing of pathology tests.
This change will impact the wallets and purses of a huge number of residents of South Gippsland and Bass Coast.
It unfairly targets frequent users of pathology including the elderly, the seriously ill, pregnant women and parents of young children.
It will increase costs for those who can least afford it.
Detailed information on the impact of this change is available on the website
Public pressure has recently stopped similar threats to healthcare.
You can help stop these cuts by signing the petition at or in person.
This petition is directed at the Federal Senate.
Like so many other important issues, discussion of this fresh impost has been lost amidst electioneering and self-interest.
The day after these changes will take effect they will want us to vote for them.
I urge everyone to sign the petition and think carefully about who they elect.
Geoff Ellis, Wattle Bank.