I write to show my disgust at the contempt the Bass Coast Shire shows towards the residents in Dalyston, specifically in their refusal to provide a playground in the town.
Dalyston remains the only town in the district without a community playground.
If councillors could visit the Powlett River Primary School after hours and see for themselves how many local residents make use of the school playground, sandpit, oval, basketball courts and walking trail, then perhaps they would understand how necessary a playground is for this community.
Notwithstanding the school playground, are the councillors aware that it is 8km to the nearest park for the residents of Dalyston?
It is simply not good enough for this growing area of Bass Coast to be ignored.
I for one will not be endorsing my sitting councillor, Bradley Drew, in this year’s council elections unless he makes a firm commitment on a start date for a park in our beautiful town.
Paul Johns, Dalyston.