Dog owners of Bass Coast Shire, beware.
Cr Phil Wright’s latest motion, purportedly designed to consider the protection of hooded plovers, appears to be a thinly veiled attack on those of us who have the audacity to enjoy walking on the beach.
Cr Wright argues for banning dogs from beaches on the basis that dogs would be just as happy exercising on “marginal farm land” as beaches.
It seems to have escaped his attention that it is people who make the decision where to walk with their dogs, not the dog.
If he had bothered to read the July 2013 survey of almost 1000 Inverloch dog owners he would already know that 94.4 per cent of them prefer to walk them on beaches.
I am sure that there must be people who would drive to an inland park to stand around and watch their dog rather than enjoy a walk along their local beach, but I don’t actually know any.
Now here’s an idea.
How about the council apply existing rules about dogs being on-leash where and when it actually matters, eg. where hooded plovers are active.
If the number of off-leash dogs in these areas is a fraction of the claimed problem, council will collect enough in fines to make future rate increases unnecessary.
In the meantime, I suggest Cr Wright takes to surfing in a swimming pool to avoid any possibility of accidentally treading on a hooded plover’s nest when he enjoys his chosen pastime.
Keith Finney, Inverloch.