One item that has not been discussed as far as I know in the Phillip Island Stand Alone debate is the supply of urban development land and the maintenance of town boundaries.
As the situation stands at present, all towns in Bass Coast Shire have boundaries set according to how much urban development will be required in the shire until 2026.
This is across the whole of Bass Coast Shire, not just Phillip Island. This has enabled the council to develop land off Phillip Island, to take the pressure off constant urban development on Phillip Island for the next 10 years.
This would not be the case if we were a stand-alone council.
The state government would require a Phillip Island Shire council to provide urban development land on Phillip Island for the next 10 years, if the land currently available was insufficient.
The set town boundaries would therefore be breached and yet more development would take place on Phillip Island.
This may in fact suit some people, but the vast majority of Phillip Islanders seem to value the environment and the rural character of Phillip Island above many other aspects of living here, and more development is anathema to most Phillip Islanders.
The urban development program is not a negotiable situation. It is the law.
Christine Grayden, Ventnor.