A 3.2 magnitude earthquake hit Leongatha around 5.45am this morning, Tuesday, April 5.
It was felt as far as Brighton, 125km away in south-east Melbourne.
There are no reports of damage or injury following the quake.
Locals reported hearing a rumbling sound, like a truck passing outside.
Sentinel-Times editor Nathan Johnston was at home in Leongatha at the time.
“It was a short and sharp tremor, that went for maybe a few seconds. There was only a slight shake to the house and it was over,” he said.
It was nothing like the one we had a few years ago. We were watching a film and the walls seemed to shake for a minute. It was nothing like that.”
The quake did however succeed in waking some people but there are no reports of any damage.
The epicentre is believed to have been 10km south of Leongatha, at a depth of four kilometres.