The Proposed 2016-17 Budget of the South Gippsland Shire Council is much too consolidated and provides insufficient detail to form more in-depth opinions as to the veracity of the operations of the council, financial and operational.
I have requested this council several times to provide me with sufficient details to investigate items of great concern to me.
Not surprisingly, the council refused, citing some obscure regulations and standards I regard irrelevant and as such unacceptable.
My second request was all but ignored.
It appears that the much-taunted transparency remains the opacity of thick black mud.
I would have thought that this group – I suggest by now well identified – has more important things to do than waste time, effort and our hard earned money to pursue a couple of, in my view, immaterial assertions by a councillor.
Are you lot serious? As I see it, Cr Don Hill receives much more support, respect and goodwill than this group combined.
I think the time has come for candidates wishing to stand for council to inform the community that there are people with integrity who care for the welfare and good governance of the shire and as such are not interested in endless petty squabbles.
People who are willing to understand that to spend $4.7 million on an avoidable defined superannuation benefits scheme, borrow $4 million to facilitate this and then also having to pay another $1 million in interest payments, is never acceptable.
I am told this bizarre inquiry (inquisition?) into what to me looks more like a never ending exercise in futility, may well cost the ratepayers some $100,000 and possibly more.
A classic sign of incompetence is the obsessive pursuit of petty and unimportant items that just do not matter and are totally irrelevant to good governance.
Another sign of incompetence is the obsessive pursuit of secrecy and hidden agendas. All the while the items of importance to the ratepayer are left unattended.
The Proposed 2016-2017 Budget includes an unprecedented $20 million Capital Expenditure. To pay for this the amount of $19.6 million is sourced from government grants.
I suggest to the Gang of Six that they may explain to ratepayers why we had to endure the grandstanding, self-congratulating and back slapping to accommodate this “feat”.
Of course, the ever increasing and unsustainable Employee Costs component is listed as $25 million plus.
For a small municipal shire council I shall continue to regard this as obscene, in particular the Fat Cat component.
The Geelong Greater City Council was dismissed for several reasons of which ‘dysfunctional’ was high on the agenda.
And do I have an SGSC Agenda ready for presentation! It is substantial, includes ‘dysfunctional’ and ‘secretive’ and the time is ripe to make a presentation to the Minister of ratepayers’ dissatisfaction with and rejection of the operations of this council.
To this extent please stand by for further developments.
Gus Blaauw, Venus Bay.