THE United Dairyfarmers of Victoria has moved a resolution to capitalise on the young talent in the dairy industry.
The motion, if passed, will offer two young farmers from each district the opportunity to be in attendance of all UDV Policy Council meetings, in order to assist in the transfer of knowledge back to local members.
UDV President Adam Jenkins says that renewal is on the agenda at this year’s annual conference, and believes the future of farming lies with the youth of today.
“Younger farmers are a valuable resource to the dairy industry and we want to encourage them to be more actively involved with policy development,” Mr Jenkins said.
“This initiative will allow young farmers who might be employees, managers or share farmers, to give us a fresh perspective on industry issues.”
The young delegates won’t have voting rights at policy council meetings, but Mr Jenkins said the most important aspect of the motion is to provide personal development.
“We’re grooming the next generation of farmers to take on more fulfilling roles within the dairy industry,” Mr Jenkins said.
“It’s important to have training processes in place to give them an understanding of industry issues and prepare them for the future when they are more actively representing the industry.”
The motion to incorporate more of the next generation of farmers in current policy making is one of four resolutions that will be made at Friday’s conference.
Other issues on the table include advocating for upgrades to energy sources in south west dairy regions, lobbying the State Government to fund an upgrade of single wire earth return power lines and engaging with the VFF Water Council to ensure dairy farm businesses are represented on all water issues.
The 40th UDV Annual Meeting and Conference will be held on Friday, April 15 from 7.30am at the MCG.