FISH CREEK farmers Dan and Amelia Bright were thrilled to be announced as winners of a Bank of Melbourne $10,000 Business Grant recently.
The Amber Creek Farm and Sawmill had survived on borrowing Dan’s father Rick’s tractor, but thankfully the grant has helped them purchase a New Holland tractor.
“It’s fantastic; I think Dan’s even more thrilled to get his own tractor,” Amelia said.
“It was one of those things where we thought, ‘let’s have a go’ and we were really surprised to win.”
The competition required Dan and Amelia to enter a business plan and short video which was shortlisted, then open to voting by the public.
The couple explained in their entry how their business uses resources discarded by other businesses, including logs from arborists, farmers and contractors, grain waste from a mill, out of date and damaged vegetables and fruit from a wholesaler and cheese whey from a local dairy.
The farm turns the waste into timber via the sawmill and pork on the farm to sell to customers.
The entry explained how a tractor is a crucial piece of equipment for feeding the pigs, turning compost and towing trailers, displaying how the addition of a new tractor would help the farm be more flexible with job scheduling and more time efficient.
Dan and Amelia’s story impressed the judges and the voting public, winning the regional category of the competition.