After attending a recent council meeting, in my view, two things have been made crystal clear. The first being an extremely poor governance of council meetings. Secondly there has been disrespectful and unacceptable behaviour practiced by some councillors.
Under the Local Government Act and Council’s Code of Conduct, councillors must treat each other with respect and debate the issues not “play the man”.
The Mayor’s role, supported by the CEO, is to ensure that councillors abide by the Code of Conduct.
As an example, Cr Andrew McEwen was in my view treated poorly by some councillors that had unacceptable behaviour while throwing him insults. The mayor was sitting back not defending and upholding the Local Governance Act.
The CEO was silent, not providing proper advice to the Mayor to restrict inappropriate behaviours.
In my view, some councillors were not obeying the Local Government Act by treating other councillors and their views with no respect.
They need to step down or get on with their work and start debating real issues instead of holding up council for hours on end with childish insults.
We all deserve better.
Ben Corcoran, Leongatha.