Regular readers of the Sentinel-Times letters column who may have been silently agreeing with Laurence Alexander and Steve Carter about the problems with nuisance barking may be interested to know of my experience on the Bass Coast Shire Council’s Domestic Animal Management Advisory Committee.
Although I do not agree that the owners of such dogs are necessarily selfish I don’t know of anyone, including those who are unfortunate enough to own the problem animals, who enjoys listening to persistent dog barking.
Unsurprisingly the Bass Coast Shire 2011 Responsible Pet Ownership Survey found nuisance barking to be the most significant neighbourhood issue for council to address, being mentioned by 17.7 per cent of people surveyed.
It was for this reason that I attempted to put a review of council policy on nuisance barking on the committee’s agenda.
My request was denied as “this was not a priority for councillors”.
Bass Coast went on to spend tens of thousands of dollars of our money addressing a problem that was of interest to just four people, less than 1 per cent, of those surveyed – dogs on beaches.
If anyone might be called selfish on this issue it should be those councillors who have consistently put their personal agendas ahead of genuine community concerns.
Keith Finney, Inverloch.