I feel that I must say something about Wonthaggi’s horror (yes ‘horror’) bus stop outside the Woolworths car park.
I have a wheelchair bound friend who will again sit there in the cold, wet, windy weather today waiting for a bus and feeling totally miserable because there is no protection at all at this totally inadequate area.
There are always people sitting along the gutter and others juggling for a space to try and get some sort of protection from the weather.
Wonthaggi is no longer a small country town. It is a big regional area and major bus termination area for both V/Line and local buses.
No toilets, no shelter from the weather.
It is totally disgusting and something must be done, and soon.
Yes, I have signed the petition and hope those good people lobbying for a new shelter will be successful.
How slowly the wheels are moving.
I also hope that my friend survives the winter without a dose of pneumonia.
Nancy Pattinson, Cape Paterson.