This concerns all ratepayers.
The South Gippsland Shire Council’s fanciful antics surrounding the Long Jetty Caravan Park at Port Welshpool demonstrate a total disregard for ratepayers’ money.
For November of 2013, we stayed at the Long Jetty Caravan Park (LJCP) paying $34 per night. In December 2013, we booked a site for November, December and January of 2014-15 at a nightly rate of $34 and paid a deposit of $300.
Later when confirming the booking, we were told the cost of the site per night has risen to $60 per night.
I have been travelling full time for 15 years and I have never paid over $40 per night even in a very high end park in an exotic location in peak season.
It is fanciful of the council for them to think that they will make the park viable after the permanents have been evicted. Who will be paying the rent through the long cold bleak winter of Port Welshpool?
The ratepayers will bear the financial burden of the losses incurred by the actions of the council.
When things settle, I would hate to think that councillors and council employees would pay concessional rates to stay at the park at the ratepayers’ expense.
In the next few years on behalf of the ratepayers, I would like the accounts associated with the LJCP carefully scrutinised by an independent office and a report made to the ratepayers.
Graham Bond, Leongatha.