The Sentinel-Times reported recently that Bass Coast Shire Council is proposing to decide at its last meeting to agree to two separate rubbish contracts for a period of 10 years, locking in any future council to this plan. The total cost would be at least $80 million over a 10 year period.
They will certainly go out with a bang and if they make this decision they deserve to be thrown out.
It is outrageous for an outgoing group to make such a momentous decision at their last meeting.
Even if it were the correct decision, the contract should be let, if indeed it cannot wait for the new council, for a one year contract with options for renewal, if decided upon by the next council.
There is nothing in the Budget for a transfer station on Phillip Island and if this proposal goes ahead, there is unlikely to be one in my lifetime.
I urge ratepayers to contact their councillors to try and stop this outrage and suggest to them that if a contract has to be signed it would be wrong and unethical to commit a new council for more than one year.
It is interesting to note that South Gippsland is making savings by bringing landfill services in-house.
Why cannot our council cooperate with South Gippsland and do the same.
Last year South Gippsland in their budget introduced a fortnightly kerbside green waste 240l bin at a cost of $75 per year.
Bass Coast was losing money and could not afford to extend the trial over the whole shire at a cost of $140 per year.
The press statement quotes a “…possible implementation of a food and organics collection”. If it is ‘only possible’, then why are we rushing ahead with a 10 year contract when details are only possible?
Mr Buckley is quoted as saying that the appointment of an Independent Probity Advisor is a sign of the council’s commitment to good governance.
All it indicates is that the council is committing to again using outside consultants at great expense to ratepayers.
How can it be good governance to lock in a future council with such a long contract at their last meeting? Think again councillors!
John Swarbrick, Rhyll.