GOOD rainfall across the region in the past few days hasn’t allowed authorities to call an end to the drought, but according to Matt Harms of Onfarm Consulting, the totals have been very welcome.
“I don’t think we can call an end to the drought yet but there certainly appears to be a change in the pattern of weather which is welcome,” said Mr Harms.
“The problem is that we have been getting some useful falls but they have been too widely spaced.
“It would have been a lot better if we’d got the follow up rains we are starting to get now.”
Needless to say, the rain of the past few days has been welcome.
Fish Creek farmer Neville Buckland tipped 6ml out of the gauge on Sunday and a further 12ml after lunch yesterday but he was hoping for more.
“The rain we’ve had is certainly making the grass stand up nicely now and it’s still reasonably warm so we’re getting good growth but there hasn’t been much run-off yet.
“The barometer is still low so hopefully we’ll start to get a bit of that in the next few days,” he said.
Korumburra rainfall recorder, Don Evison, measured 7.5ml after the weekend and another 16ml after lunch on Monday.