A THREE day Landcare tour of farms and rural properties in the Otways recently saw a group of Gippsland farmers exposed to new ideas and innovations that can assist in farming enterprises.
The Landcare bus tour followed sections of the Otways Harvest Trail, mixed with some agroforestry enterprises, where the hosts had successfully found unique solutions to generating profit on small and larger holdings in a sustainable manner.
The group of 28 farmers visited several farms during the tour, including the farm shop and café at Ravens Creek Farm, the Tarndwarncoort homestead, and a truffle and walnut farm.
The Landcare group toured various properties, including the Yan Yan Gurt West farm, which demonstrated how sheep, agroforestry, cut flowers and biodiversity all support one another in a diverse, sustainable farm.
The group also saw a home built of entirely natural products, and went away from the tour loaded up with new ideas about farming in a sustainable and innovative manner well into the future.