THE South Gippsland Shire Council has produced plan after interminable strategy plan for Korumburra over the past decade.
And some of them have even produced tangible results, like the Karmai Community Children’s Centre, or like the Korumburra Town Centre Streetscape Master Plan, expected improvements to the CBD over the next few years.
But other, smaller towns in the shire, have had a great deal more success attracting the shire council’s interest and grant funds by putting forward their own strategy plan for improvements.
Towns like Foster, Meeniyan and Mirboo North have achieved great things from small beginnings by establishing a wish-list of their communities’ own priorities and then orchestrating support at shire and government level
And the Korumburra Round Table has recognised this and is calling on everyone to contribute.
Last Wednesday, two members of the Roundtable, Pee-Wee Lewis and Noelene Cosson, officially launched the Korumburra Community Directions Statement at a meeting of the Korumburra Business Association and they’ve asked for your suggestions.
And they even kicked off the list with a few of their own suggestions:
“I like us to explore the potential for using of the old nursery site on Commercial Street as a community space (with a park, lunch or rest spot) which also showcases local community art and our town’s heritage. As part of this project, we could undertake an arts installation projects to stimulate street activity,” said Pee-Wee.
“I’d like to see the railway area between the main street shops and the rail track transformed into an area that could accommodate caravan, bus and trailer parking with gardens and rotundas but also mindful of traffic movement in the area,” said Noelene.
They went on to suggest:
• Exploring an alternate heavy vehicle route for the town centre for better transport and accessibility.
• Exploring the potential use of the railway station area for bus drop-off and pick-up, connecting this area through to the Main Street by totally rejuvenating the subway.
• Establishing a community hub which pulls together all the town’s community services on to the one site – especially those offered by Milpara, in one central location (the vacated kinder seen as ideal site).
• Implement the projects set out in the Korumburra Streetscape Plan – in particular better paving in the main street.
• Extend the rail trail bike track from Korumburra to Leongatha
• Develop the land below the tyre service as a better picnic spot with more facilities, rotundas etc.
• Prepare a development strategy to sell Korumburra nationally and internationally for better tourism promotion. Encourage new tourism enterprises (launch of town app). Include heritage aspects. Show case the town through touch screen spots etc.
“We’d like you to pass on to anyone interested that we want you to put in your ideas. When we get all the suggestions together we are going to put it out to the wider community to list the top five projects,” said Peewee.
Having established the community’s own list, the Round Table will be looking for everyone’s support in advocating for those projects to be funded and completed.
“The shire looks favourably on towns that can demonstrate community support and we intend to take this plan around to 40 community groups in the town to get their ideas and support,” Noelene said.
“And it’s not just about the shire or the state government doing something, it’s also about us as a community being prepared to do something as well,” said Round Table Chair, Brian Hess.
See for more details.
• In other items discussed at the KBA General Meeting, secretary of the KBA Shirley Arestia thanked traders and customers for making the KBA’s Easter Egg Hunt a success.
• Heidi Marshall said the KBA was looking for more involvement from the community after establishing its own Facebook page, encouraging local traders to use the Facebook page for their own information.
• The KBA would like to turn some of the empty shops into an arts/heritage trail saying it was a phenomenon that was happening in Bridge Road Richmond and many other areas.
• Comments were made about seeking landlord support in an upgrade to shop fronts in the town.
• Brian Hess reported on the announcement of funding for the Northern Towns water project, saying it was exceptionally good news for the future of the town and its growth potential.
• Events coming up include the Creative Gippsland arts events with South Gippsland Shire and Korumburra in particular participating.
• There’s also a ‘Marketing Growth’ workshop on Tuesday, June 7 organised by Milpara Community House
The night was attended by 40 local business people.