GREENS candidate for McMillan Donna Lancaster launched her campaign in Inverloch on Sunday among a crowd of keen supporters.
Held at the Inverloch Angling Club, the event featured guest speakers Samantha Dunn, the Eastern Metro MP, and Willisa Hogarth, the Flinders Candidate and State Convener.
The event proved an excellent opportunity for Donna to kick start her campaign in the McMillan seat, by honing in on issues directly affecting local people.
“People are asking why the hospitals are not being funded, what it means that the schools aren’t getting Gonski funding and how government will create jobs. People feel that they are being taken for granted,” Donna said.
“I am meeting people who have voted Green at several elections now and consider themselves rusted on Greens voters.
“The tide really has turned as people see the Greens MPs as the sensible MPs and the party with a vision for the future.”
Donna has had many conversations with voters and wants to focus this election campaign on the cuts to critical services in the region.
“By running a strong campaign and having these conversations we are getting voters to really think about where their vote is going. What do they want to see done with it?”
Guest speaker Samantha Dunn spoke about placing an emphasis on climate change and making sustainable choices for the future.
“Greens MPs are a voice in the Parliament for action on dangerous climate change, a shift to a new economy based on renewable energy and we stand up to protect our precious environment,” Ms Dunn said.