AT THE height of last week’s stormy weather, a young local driver came to grief on the treacherous Kongwak bends last Wednesday, but fortunately escaped without injury.
The driver lost control of his Falcon wagon on the tightest of the left-hand bends and ended up mounting the embankment under Cypress trees on the wrong side of the road.
Apart from a few scrapes, the car also got off lightly for what could have been a serious accident in the notorious location.
It was a timely warning for the winter season ahead on our roads and the need to back off the speed and take care.

Flooded road
Also last week, Korumburra Police were called to a reoccurring trouble spot on the Korumburra-Inverloch Road, just below the secondary college, where a flooded drain left a dark sheet of water on the road.
Several drivers were pulled up short by the hidden obstacle and a number almost came to grief when cars were following close behind.
The issue has again been reported to VicRoads which has so far been tardy in fixing the problem.