I am feeling sad after attending a South Gippsland Shire meeting on Wednesday afternoon.
The issue under discussion was regarding coal seam gas mining in South Gippsland.
What saddened me was the antagonism amongst councillors, invoking personal attacks and what can only be described as bullying.
I came away from the meeting with a sense of hopelessness; that issues concerning more than 80 per cent of ratepayers were pretty much ignored by those councillors who had personal grievances and petty insults to share instead.
I’m not interested. As a councillor, you are there to represent the interests of your community. What I saw was a degree of bullying that very few schools would tolerate.
But then, it does get back to the administration. I kept waiting for “someone in charge” to say that the name-calling was inappropriate/out of line/unacceptable/ANYTHING!
But no; not a word from management.
Very sad. There is a bigger picture, which is the protection of our Grade A agricultural land.
Who will speak up on our behalf in government?
I understand that some of our councillors were elected unopposed because there was no-one else standing in their Riding. That’s not really an election – more of a default.
Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen with council elections in October. Please, can decent people with no vested interests in any mining corporation, building and construction industry, real estate development projects, or shares in any development that will take away our beautiful land, stand up and represent us on council.
Thank you. I’m feeling more hopeful that the good people already on council will get the support they need in October.
Kate Jackson, Mirboo North.