tatts-(2)WEB tatts-(3)WEBTHE media world descended on Leongatha this morning after it was revealed that the Leongatha Newsagency and Tattslotto sold the winning Oz Lotto ticket which scooped this week’s Jackpot prize pool of $40 million.

Channels 7, 9, 10 and WinTV were there.

The champagne corks were popping for anyone who wanted to share in the celebrations.

Customers came in smiling.

The store owners, the Watchorn family and staff were there and they were delighted.

The only person who wasn’t there was the winner, and they still don’t know who it is.

“We got the call from Tattersalls this morning that our store sold the winning ticket which is great. We just hope it is someone from around here,” said newsagency proprietor Pater Watchorn.

“Although we don’t get anything out of it directly, it’s good for the business and hopefully for the area as well.

“It’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

“It’s by far the biggest Division One winner we’ve ever sold but there are 15 Division One winners living in Leongatha so that’s great.”

Local resident, Rick Boehm collected money from the draw but he wasn’t a major winner. He was interviewed by the TV crews while getting this week’s minor prize winnings and next week’s ticket.

“You’ve got to be in it to win it,” he said.

“I just hope the people who won it need it and they can help their kids and that sort of thing but really, you don’t need that sort of money.

“Everyone could use a million but no one needs $40 million. It would be better if it went to a big group of people.”

So who won the $40 million? Is the unregistered winning ‘Quickpick’ still sitting in the console of your, on the kitchen bench at home or in your handbag waiting to be checked?

The irony wasn’t lost on the city media who were last in the area on Friday when the Victorian Premier came to Nerrena to announce a support package for the state’s distressed dairy farmers.

“We’re just going around to one of the tractor dealers to find out how many tractors you can buy for $40 million,” said one of the newshounds.

For the record, according to Anthony Blackshaw at Claas Harvest Centre in Leongatha, you can buy 307 Claas Arion 148hp tractors, typically used by local dairy farmers.

“I’d be prepared to do something special if they wanted that many,” said Anthony who was due to be interviewed by the Channel Nine crew wanting to make the link between the bad news for the dairy industry and the good news (hopefully) for one local or a group of locals.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a local dairy farmer won the $40 million!