I’ve been doing an unofficial survey around the South Gippsland Shire and I have yet to find a single person who supports the proposed new council offices.
The cost of $43 million is certainly an issue and the opposition has employed some colourful language to express itself.
But people seem keen to pass on news and rumours along with their opposition.
One such rumour was that the proposal is the brainchild of the CEO, a man who does not even live in the shire and therefore will not have to pay for it.
Another is that the elected council was informed of the proposal only after the details were in place.
A third was the heads of the shire departments are systematically blocking councillors’ access to important information – keeping them in the dark, in other words.
There’s no doubt the shire needs a plan to move into the future, but is this expensive bauble the plan we need?
I doubt it, but methinks it would look good on certain CVs.
Since that doesn’t make it a good idea, I have three questions:
1. Does this very expensive project represent the dictatorship of the technocrats?
2. Is the CEO too big for his boots?
3. Is this a democracy?
David Arnault, Mirboo North.