By King George

Sean Thomson with a competition winning bream at the Wonthaggi Angling Club competition last Sunday.

Sean Thomson with a competition winning bream at the Wonthaggi Angling Club competition last Sunday.

The weather conditions were a bit on the uncomfortable side but there were still those hardy souls who ventured out to try their luck.
Here’s a wrap-up on their efforts:

Surf: There were a few land-based anglers who decided to try their luck but it would be fair to say that the fishers would have out-numbered the fish. The most successful places were Baxters Beach where there had been fairly good reports of salmon that were being caught manly on the run in tide.

King George received a call from a visitor who was in the area for a few days and had two trips, one to Baxters and then other to Williamsons Beach and with a party of hopefuls managed some very good size salmon that were all around the 1.5kg which were all taken on whitebait. They also caught some smallish flathead that were returned to the water but by this stage that had all the fish they wanted.

Inverloch: Visiting angler John Handerson and a mate travelled down from Dandenong to try their luck outside looking for whatever might come along. Upon their arrival they were greeted with a wall of white water-which put an end to travelling outside the entrance. They decided to try some of their tried and tested spots inside with their first atop being at the area known as Pensioners where they picked up four not bad size salmon that were caught on whitebait. They then dropped anchor at the snags but failed to trouble the weigh-master.
Next stop was a short distance to Stevies Gutter and were soon into some very nice size perch and whiting that were caught on squid and pippies. They also caught a couple of very nice size flathead on the run off tide. The next stop was at Maher’s Landing where they managed some very good size mullet, flathead and just as they were about to make a move, a pink mullet which capped off what they would call a good day on the water.
The stretch of water near the ‘A’ frame house has also been productive with best results being at high time. Reasonable size gummies are being bagged along with silvers and salmon. Land-based anglers are happy with their returns with flathead, silvers, salmon as well as the occasional gummy shark being caught on a variety of such as pippies, whitebait and small strips of pilchards. The results will be even better on the run in tide when the fish will move into to the shallow water under the cover of darkness.

Wonthaggi Angling Club: The club held its monthly competition last Sunday with the weigh-in being at the club rooms. President Steve welcomed everyone along and said that it was great to see the kids come along and enjoying themselves. The winner of the senior male winner in Sean Thompson with a 850gm black bream for 4300 points. Tracey Allen was the senior female winner with a 395gm black bream for 1975 points. The junior female section winner was Asha Dennis with a 355gm perch for 710 points. The junior male winner was Flynn Dennis with a 440gm perch for 880 points. The veteran section winner was Alan Bentick with a 295gm whiting for 826 points. There were 9 fish weighed in which was down on previous months, probably due to the poor conditions.
President Steve invited those present to participate in something to eat, which included some very tasty sausages. He also reminded those present to come along and enjoy themselves at the Tambo River over the coming weekend. This is the first of our two yearly trips where most members and visitors will be staying at the Lealow caravan park. The competition will be on Saturday, which will be followed by the weigh-in and the presentation of trophies. There will be a number of sections so come along and enjoy yourselves. Tracy Allan was also thanked for assisting with the newsletter that
will be out shortly.

Shallow Inlet: According to Karen and Andrew Starrett who run the local caravan park there hasn’t been much activity as far as fishing is concerned in their part of the world. The weather has been not good and boats have remained in the shed. Karen says that there had been a very good run of fish until recently and she says that the big salmon and silvers should soon make an appearance. This is when the runaway torpedo fish will arrive in huge numbers to the 4kg mark and will be a test to the limit of anglers’ ability as well as gear.
When hooked up they jump clean out of the water in an effort to escape and this in itself is a spectacle. Often the big silvers will start off with a timid bite but when hooked up the battle will be on. They will often throw the hook in their endeavour to escape but even if successful there is usually another one nearby. For the benefit of those not familiar with this area, there is no constructed boat ramp however boats can be launched without too many dramas. There is a soft stretch which can cause problems. The area is marked but if not sure it is a good idea to obtain local knowledge to avoid embarrassment

Port Welshpool: Due to the unfriendly conditions there haven’t been any reports. Before the big blow there has been plenty of whiting being caught in the Lewis Channel as well as silvers and some flathead. The best time seems to be on the run out tide. The local jetties have been productive with silvers, mullet, flathead, squid and the odd couta making an appearance.

Port Albert: A break in the weather has slowed down the fishing but according to Ula at the General Store there has been quite a bit of activity. Just before this report Ula said that there was a good size seven gill shark bagged. There have been other reports to whiting being caught but it would be fair to say that with the colder weather on the way things could slow down somewhat but then fish have to be somewhere. The local jetties would no doubt worth a try and up to recently there had been good numbers of whiting, flathead, silvers, salmon and big eels being bagged. The best time has been on the run in tide.

Lakes Entrance: Early mornings are producing trevally at the town jetties, best results on small pieces of blue bait and prawn. Try Hopetoun Channel and Barrier Landing for whiting on worm and pippies. Off shore has been very windy if you can get out.

Lake Tyers: Bream are about the islands and up to Cameron’s Arm. Best time is mid-afternoon. Bait of choice being prawn and hard bodied lures. Long Point in the shallows and Burnt Bridge for flathead on prawn and bright green lures. Early morning for tailor taking white bait from No 2 boat ramp to the beach.

Mitchell River: Perch at the highway bridge, bait of choice being soft plastics and hard bodied lures. Bream at grassy banks and the backwater taking prawn and spider crab.

Tambo River: Try the Cliffs for flathead taking prawn. Rough road and to the power lines have bream taking local prawn. Try the river mouth for good bream, use No 2 hook with small sinker and prawn.

Metung: The boardwalk has whiting and trevally. Best results using a small float with small.

Paynesville: Try the King Street boat ramp foe luderick on local weed. There is still plenty of king prawns about. The water levels are high in the system.

Hollands Landing: The wood pile, Jones Bay and Blonde Bay are good for bream, mullet and flathead. Best results using shell peeled prawn and worm.

Marlo: Bream: luderick and mullet are everywhere in the river system. Try using local shell, worm and black crab. The surf has salmon and tailor on silver lures. Off shore is good for gummies, and flathead that are taking squid and pilchards.

Bemm River: The lake and channel have bream taking local prawn and crab. Tailor are out and about taking metal lures and soft plastics. The entrance is still closed.

Tamboon: Old man point, the campsite and around the islands for luderick, perch and bream taking plastic lures and local prawn.

Mallacoota: Off shore for flathead and gummies on pilchards and fish fillets. Bream are in both lakes. Good size luderick at the fisheries wharf on local weed. The narrows for flathead on live bait. Salmon and tailor are taking lures.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 56 723 474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

Calamari will continue to be caught both from the land and the boats right through the winter months but getting that colour right is not going to get any easier.
There are a few colours in the artificial jigs that seem to work most of the time the problem is there is always someone that will do the opposite to you and have success which only confuses things.
Again this week there were a couple of days at the San Remo jetty that the calamari would just keep swimming past the jig no matter what colour, type or size you were using. As the water temp is changing and it gets a bit dirtier reports will now come in from those using the baited jigs especially from the beaches in Cleeland Bight and Ventnor and the local jetties.
Those in boats will report much the same pattern with the calamari and often caught one on a baited jig then a second on an artificial jig cast in behind it while reeling it in. I will generally have several reported from Dickies Bay this time of the year but the reports don’t always come from those targeting calamari but from those who had one attached to their whiting.
No matter where you are fishing in the bay from 1m to 20m it is worth putting a squid jig in the water. You will need to modify your setup for where you are fishing and if you are not sure just drop into the shop and I can show you the best set up for where you are fishing.
Another thing that you could try to target calamari in Dickies Bay or Cleeland Bight, especially is to use a small amount of burley and drift across the weed beds using a combination of both baited and artificial jigs but continually changing the colour and size of your jig until you find something that works.
Apart from a feed there is nothing better than to have a freezer of fresh baits ready to go for the snapper and gummies but do yourself a favour and buy a vac sealer machine and your bait will still be as fresh in 3 months’ time as it is when you pack it.
Those fishing the beaches are having mixed results with no real consistency at all with the salmon traveling from beach to beach.
The only thing that has been consistent with the reports is the salmon are mostly under the 1kg mark. Generally I find this time of the year with smaller schools of fish it pays to give lure fishing a go and cover more beach which will help you to get to the fish and don’t be afraid to cast a few lures over the shallow areas.