By King George

THROUGH the week the conditions remained fairly good but come the weekend the wind was followed by plenty of much needed rain.
This meant that boats stayed in the shed and only the hardy of land-based fishers braved the elements.

Surf: The good reports continued where Williamsons beach was popular with fishers trying their luck and most had some success.
As is usually the case, salmon made up most bags where they have been to the 1.5kg mark along with Tommy roughs, flathead and the occasional pinkie snapper.
Baits such as whitebait, squid and pilchards have been the best.
Just a warning to those not familiar with this area, there are dangerous rips that have claimed too many lives and care must be taken.
The beaches at Venus Bay have also been producing good numbers of quality salmon where the best results have been on the run in tide.

Inverloch: The fishing had been great through the week in Anderson Inlet where there had been good numbers of whiting being caught from the entrance up as far as Mahers Landing.
The better fish had been caught around the entrance and The Snags with better results being when the tide had slowed down.
The fish had been to the 40cm mark and taking baits such as pipis, Bass yabbies, squid and cockles.
Around the snags, good size silvers have been caught as well as quality pinkies.
Stevies Gutter has also been going along quite well where land-based anglers who don’t mind a bit of a walk from Lees Road to the southern side, where they fish the run off tide. This is where there have been good numbers of perch, whiting and flathead making the effort worthwhile.
In the gutter, boaters have been trying their luck and catching some very good size flathead that lay in wait for the smaller fish that come off the shallow mud banks into the deeper water on the run off tide.
At Mahers Landing, land-based anglers are prepared to try their luck even if it might mean a fair wait between enquiries.
The run in tide seems to be the best time to wet a line where fish such as silvers, mullet and gummy sharks have been bagged.
The results are even better if the tide coincided with darkness as the fish will move in closer under the cover of darkness.

Shallow Inlet: Up until the weather broke the fishing has seen locals and visitors having a great time.
Whiting to the 45cm mark, gummy sharks and mullet were being caught in very good numbers along with silvers that were really testing out equipment and angler alike.
The whiting have been taking a variety of baits such as pipis, squid and Bass yabbies where the better results have been on low water on both sides of the tide.
Karen and Rob Starrett who run the local caravan park say the weather broke late in the week and things slowed down dramatically but hopefully things will improve along with the fishing.

Port Welshpool: Up until the break in the weather, the fishing had been great as far as boaters and land-based anglers were concerned.
The jetties were very popular with a very good variety of fish such as silvers, mullet, garfish as well as very good size squid.
The eastern end of the structures seems to be the best place to wet a line.
Visiting angler Frank Hollins and a couple of mates decided to try their luck through the week and headed outside the entrance.
They had a couple of spots where they had some success on salmon and this time they were in luck early.
They had a variety of lures and in fairly short time were into the torpedo fish that were all around the 700gm mark.
The fish were all caught on the run in tide but had all they wanted and returned to the boat ramp, happy with their work.
There had been good reports as far as whiting being caught in the Lewis Channel but King George has not had any such reports. No doubt they are still around but no news.

Port Albert: Information from the general store run by Rob and Ulla Killury is that the recent break in the weather has slowed things down but until that happened the fishing was great.
They said they expect that this is just a temporary lull in proceedings.
The jetties have had a great variety of fish that include whiting, silvers, mullet, flathead and eels.
The best time as usual has been on the run in tide and with any sort of luck this will continue.
A short distance out from the jetties there had been good numbers of whiting being caught on baits such as pipis, squid and Bass yabbies.
The Old Port Channel has also been good for whiting.
For those not familiar with Port Albert, there is an excellent boat ramp that will take three boats at a time and there is ample parking which is yet another plus for the area.

Lakes Entrance: The town jetties are producing tailor and trevally on pilchard, local prawn and metal lures.
King George whiting, flathead, leatherjacket and salmon have been landed in the channel opposite Nyerimilang.
Peeled prawn, sandworm and silver lures picked up fish.
Bream have been taken off the jetties in the North Arm.

Lake Tyers: Schools of bream are moving up Nowa Nowa Arm, with anglers taking their share, plus some trevally and flathead.
Fresh prawn and hard bodied lures resulted in good catches.
Tailor are still about with some large ones being hooked on sandworm and lures around number 2 jetty.

Mitchell River: Bream are biting from the barrier to the cut using spider crab, local prawn and sand worm.
Estuary perch are still being taken around both bridges in the evening on hard-bodied diving lures.

Tambo River: Bream are being caught from the power lines to rough road using shrimp, fresh prawn and sandworm.

Nicholson: Flathead and bream are active around the cliffs and strait six. Soft plastics and peeled prawn are best bait.

Metung: Bream and a few King George whiting have been taken off the boardwalk on local prawn and pipi.
Bancroft Bay has trevally and salmon.

Paynesville: Mc Millan Strait is still producing some large bream around sunset on sandworm.
Tailor and flathead are cruising in the southern part of Lake King with soft plastics and silver lures catching fish.

Hollands Landing: Blonde Bay is good for bream and flathead using sandworm and peeled prawn.

Marlo: Both rivers are fishing well with estuary perch, mullet and flathead taking local prawn, soft plastics and diving lures.
Salmon, tailor and flathead are biting at Motts Beach on silver lures, soft plastics and pilchard.
The surf has tailor and salmon.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 0401 199 223. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

EVERYONE is starting to switch their gear over at the moment from boats to land from snapper to tuna.
There are plenty of tuna turning up down the coast from Apollo Bay to Portland and just over the border at Port Mac.
The tuna has been in reasonably close and a bit further out there are plenty of Albacore.
Most of the tuna are caught on lures and the trick is you don’t need to go too big in the lure to catch the big fish, what you do have to do is re-rig the smaller skirted lures with slightly heavier and quality hooks and leader.
It is advisable to change the hooks on your hard body lures as well taking the trebles off and replacing them with single in-line hooks.

Locally we are starting to see a few more fishing from the land and starting to target the winter gummies at night.
We have only seen a couple of smaller ones so far but should see plenty more over the next few months over the moon periods.
We get reports from both moons, new and full but the day of the moon never seems to produce much.
If you are going the give this a go over the next few months most only use a surf rod, mainly to get distance on the cast and will use a reel off one of their boat rods.
Running sinker rig, snelled hooks around 7/0 and as long a leader as you can cast.
The most important piece of information I can pass on from those who are regularly successful catching land based gummies is fresh bait.
This by is the most common thing to the successful customers with salmon fillet the best or small whole calamari.
Before the blast of very ordinary weather that turned up on Sunday we had some reasonable reports especially for the amount of people fishing.
We fished offshore again on Tuesday and travelled down to the windmills in close.
The swell wasn’t big but the wind was quite strong out of the N/W and it made it a bit uncomfortable.
We only managed a couple of flathead down there but they were just on 50cm so well worth it.
We did manage, in between the wrasse plenty of pinkies and kept a few around 40cm to take home.
Around lunch time the wind seemed to pick up a bit so we made a move back to where we caught the flathead the week before and off the Glasshouse.
It didn’t take long to find them again and we took home a good feed of mostly tiger flathead and some big silver whiting.

Calamari reports came from all the usual land and boating spots with the kayaks drifting in Cleeland Bight the best of all.
Numbers were all over the place this week, we normally get some type of pattern and they will plenty or only a few but this week we saw days when there were none of the jetty and plenty off the boats or the other way around.
Sizes were OK with most an average size with the best bag coming from Reef Island where one customer reported 16 between two of them around the 1kg size and all within a few mm of each other; they caught them all on pink and orange jigs.

Whiting reports were unchanged from last weeks.
There seems to be plenty of whiting out there but as always its finding them that are a problem.
Most find a few and some find a lot all on the same day and generally not far from each other.
Advice is hard to give on the reports because it is all over the place and times and tides not making much sense either.
The best of the reports generally come from those who are prepared to try something different.
I don’t mean fish for whiting with a game rod, I mean different baits, different rigs, fishing in areas you normally don’t fish and times you wouldn’t normally associate with whiting fishing.
If I had a dollar for every customer that comes in and tells me there aren’t any fish around, then tells me they basically fish the same spot same tide same everything else and have for years I wouldn’t have to work.
Some people seem to get set in their ways as I guess we all do but time and time again the pattern in the reports is the best catches come from those who don’t necessarily read the books or watch TV or even listen to people like myself but try things for themselves and that goes for land or boating.

Everyone wins in fishing comp

Paul Godfrey won the Venus Bay Angling Club’s Anzac Day Long Weekend Fishing Comp.

Paul Godfrey won the Venus Bay Angling Club’s Anzac Day Long Weekend Fishing Comp.

Second place winner was Paul DeHamer.

Second place winner was Paul DeHamer.

Thomas Grech claimed third place and was the elephant fish winner.

Thomas Grech claimed third place and was the elephant fish winner.

THE Venus Bay Angling Club couldn’t have asked for better conditions for its Anzac Day Long Weekend Fishing Comp.
Beautiful sunny skies and low wind speed enticed a good mix of members and guests who weighed in a fair range of fish varieties.
Unfortunately not everyone gets a trophy, but everyone wins when fishing in our part of the world!
Prize winners were:
• Senior members: 1st Andrew Godfrey, Silver Trevally; 2nd Paul DeHamer, Gurnard; 3rd Thomas Grech, Silver Trevally; Best Elephant Fish, Thomas Grech.
• Senior non-members: 1st Dean Littler, Silver Trevally.
The club’s next competition will be held on May 20, 21 and 22.
Visitors are always welcome
to enter.
You can enter at the clubrooms in Fishermans Road, Venus Bay or at the Venus Bay Fishing Beach Surf Shop in the main street.