Many people may have been confused by last week’s Bass Coast Mayor’s message in which Cr Jordan Crugnale failed to put forward a coherent argument as to why Bass Coast Shire Council should rush through a 10 year $75 million contract for waste services just before the upcoming council elections.
Perhaps I can enlighten them as to the real reason for the undue haste.
Councillors have already voted unanimously to increase your garbage rates by approximately 20 per cent over and above the cost of a standard weekly garbage collection service in order to fund their preferred option, namely:
• A reduction in garbage collection services to fortnightly.
• The provision of a weekly green collection service, at your cost, whether you want it or not. (Less than 7 per cent of people are prepared to pay for this service based on the council’s own trial).
• The provision of a food waste bin for your kitchen and a requirement for ratepayers to separate food waste out from normal garbage.
All of the above is estimated to result in a miniscule net saving in greenhouse gasses over current practices which can be valued at approximately $60,000 per annum, compared to an estimated $1.5 million per annum increase in net costs.
After umpteen promises to consult with ratepayers on important decisions, councillors once again seek to impose their personal views on the public without providing them an opportunity to comment.
I can only assume they were not satisfied with being voted the second worst council in the state!
Call me sceptical if you will, but what is the betting that ratepayers will not be told the true cost of the “green” services.
Instead, councillors will blame inflationary cost increases when they rubber stamp a massive increase in your garbage charges for the next 10 years!
Keith Finney, Inverloch.