In response to your article, ‘Newhaven to expand, and new catholic school’ (May 24, 2016).
As a teacher (Wonthaggi Community VCAL program), parent and concerned Bass Coast resident, I have been keenly following Wonthaggi Secondary College’s dire struggle for upgrades and/or a new school precinct.
The announcement that Newhaven will receive $8.9 million in funding gives us an indication that the only public secondary college in Bass Coast Shire will once again miss out on what it sorely needs.
I cannot understand this rationale for addressing its school problem: to expand and improve the local private school with taxpayers money, and run down the local state school with the consequence of pressuring anxious parents (who can ill-afford it) to send their children to Newhaven.
This is coupled with the fact that private schools in Victoria are already receiving greater taxpayer funding than local state schools (then charging fees, scandalously more than doubling the dollars per student amount against a child in a state school).
So there is a clear, totally inequitable, strategy here: benefit the wealthy. Who cares about the rest, especially those who really need it?
Tom Murray-White, South Dudley.