I would like to thank Greg Hunt for sending me a nice letter from the current Prime Minister, a personalised application for a postal vote and a reply paid envelope to send my application to PVA Flinders in Sunshine.
I would also like to thank the sitting member for McMillan who sent me almost exactly the same package except that the (virtually identical) letter was supposedly penned by the member who tells me to send the application to PVA McMillan. Both PVAs share the same Sunshine PO Box.
I have previously asked Mr Hunt’s team to borrow a decent map so that they don’t waste money mailing me things that I can’t use and don’t want.
I will say this once again, Wattle Bank is in McMillan! That’s the big bit between Flinders and Gippsland.
Thanks Greg. I will be able to make it to a polling booth but if I couldn’t I would apply to the AEC through aec.gov.au.
Sending applications to odd postal boxes adds another name to that party’s mailing list.
I am very unlikely to vote for the sitting member though I would derive some amusement from using his postal allowance to convey my vote; but I get enough unrequested mail from politicians. Why sign up for more?
The AEC has unsuccessfully tried to ban parties from harvesting personal information through potentially misleading Postal vote Application forms.
Thanks to the efforts the current Minister for the Environment, and his neighbour, I now have 11 pieces of paper for the recycling bin.
Is this the world’s best Minister in action? How many weeks to go? Better move the recycling bin.
Geoff Ellis, Wattle Bank.