THERE wasn’t a lot of rain overnight on Sunday night in Korumburra, no more than 10mm or so, but it was enough to highlight a reoccurring problem in the town.
Whether it’s blocked drains or some other problem, there were two dangerously flooded spots on the southern side of town, at the top of Radovick Street, where it intersects with Guys Road, and also out near the Korumburra Secondary College on Korumburra-Inverloch Road.
The section at the secondary college corner is constantly flooded.
These locations aren’t a problem during the day time but at night they are a hidden hazard which has proved costly in the form of tail-to-nose collisions.
The road, at the secondary college corner, is a Vicroads responsibility but a call to Vicroads today didn’t get a response.
Something needs to be done to finally fix the trouble spot at the secondary college in particular.