By King George

THERE have been a few dedicated boaters and land based anglers braving the elements and trying their luck.
There have been quite a few successful reports but just as many stories where there has been nothing at all to talk about.
Just before going to press there was a story of a surfer being tipped off his board near Eagles Nest by a curious shark.
Late in the week there were numerous reports of whales being sighted.
This is the time year when they make an appearance and when they turn up there is no shortage of spectators to witness the event.

Surf: There have been a few reports of successful salmon catches where they have been to the 2kg mark and are taking a variety of baits such as white bait and pilchard strips.
Williamsons Beach has been fairly productive but the extremely cold conditions has seen only the bravest of surf fishermen out.
For those who have been willing to try their luck on the deep water at Baxters Beach and then after a 20 minute trek through the sand dunes, there have been salmon to the 2kg mark being caught along with a sprinkling of flathead and tommy roughs.
White bait and surf poppers as well as squid seems to be the best of the presentations with the run in tide being the best time.

Inverloch: Outside the entrance there have been quite reasonable numbers of silvers being caught by land-based anglers.
Good size garfish as well as whiting are also being bagged in reasonable numbers when conditions allow.
Further around towards Cape Paterson, the hard working President of the Wonthaggi Angling Club Steve Howell decided try his luck.
He picked a cold day but one with little or no wind.
Usually there are very large whiting caught in this area.
However on this occasion, all president Steve did manage was some reasonable whiting and he threw some small ones back; but he was happy and only kept what he needed.
The fish were caught on Bass yabbies and pipis.
There haven’t been any other reports from outside the entrance.
For the last few weeks there haven’t been any reports from just inside the entrance and the jetties have also been fairly uneventful.
Stevies Gutter seems to be going along fairly well where the few boaters and land-based anglers have been happy with their returns considering the time of year and cold water temperature.
The run out tide has been the most productive where reasonable size perch, whiting and mullet seem to be making up most bags but at times there can be a fair wait between enquiries.
Further upstream towards Mahers Landing and around the boat ramp there have been a mixture of fish being caught by boaters and those trying their luck from the shoreline.
Mullet, flathead, silvers, coutta and the occasional gummy shark are being caught in reasonable numbers but make sure you take plenty of warm clothing as the temperature can quickly drop and make things very uncomfortable.

Shallow Inlet: Information from the caravan park that is run by Andrew and Karen Starrett is that there have been fairly good number of silvers being caught on the usual baits.
The fish have been to the 800gm mark and they say a visit to the area should produce results.
There have been other positive reports from the same area where there have been quite good numbers of salmon taking whitebait, squid, pipis and a variety of soft plastics.
Late reports indicate there have been good numbers of salmon making an appearance on the run in tide.
A variety of lures have been doing the job but it seems that the fish are ignoring baits for some reason.
Of course that can change at any given time for no particular reason.
Silvers are also being caught near the entrance along with a few flathead but no reports of whiting.
The water is very cold which is not surprising given the run of cold weather.
Further down the road at Yanakie there have not been any reports either from boaters or land-based anglers.

Port Welshpool: Like many other nearby areas there has not been a great deal of activity from this area, as the conditions have not been at all inviting.
There have been a few brave boaters trying their luck in the Lewis Channel where there have been a few silvers, mullet and whiting being caught but it would be fair to say there has been plenty of water mixed in with them.
There has been plenty of room on the jetties and the odd fish caught has been on the run in tide with baits such as pipis and sand worms doing the job.

Lakes Entrance: The Post Office Jetty and Ferryman’s for luderick and mullet, bait of choice being worm and prawn.
Eastern Beach for salmon up to 3kg taking blue bait. Offshore the weather is not the best but pinkies, nanagi and morwong are taking pilchards and squid.

Lake Tyers: From Snake Bight, Trident Arm and around Camerons Arm are best for bream on prawn.
Long Point has juvenile bream taking prawn.
The surf beach has salmon and tailor on pilchards and blue bait.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on or 5672 3474. Good Luck and Tightlines.

Calamari are still biting in Westernport Bay, with one catch over the weekend pushing three kilograms.

Calamari are still biting in Westernport Bay, with one catch over the weekend pushing three kilograms.

Around the Bay

By Craig Edmonds of Jim’s Bait and Tackle, San Remo

THE long weekend started off very slow with some very unfavourable weather on Saturday and plenty of rain and wind but it picked up on Sunday and there were plenty of people out and about.
There were a few boats on the water and even a couple that braved it on Saturday but most of the fishing was done on the land with salmon making up many of the reports.
Despite the windy weather we have had the water was surprisingly clear and the whiting and squid fishermen in the boats could actually find the weed patches.
Several reports of salmon came from both Kilcunda and Woolamai beaches over all three days of the weekend and from those really keen for a fish during the week.
The salmon from Kilcunda were a bit bigger before the last lot of wind but we were told of a fair bit of weed after the wind stopped Sunday.
The majority of the reports from the beaches were of salmon under 1kg but a couple of customers managed to land the odd one around 1.5kg by walking the beach casting lures.
Some of the bigger fish were reported from parts of the beaches that most don’t fish and it was only by walking the beach and casting lures that people actually tried for them in those areas.
I don’t mean from a different beach than normal but actually fishing in the shallower areas and up on the banks beside the gutters.
Those fishing in the more traditional areas, deep gutters and holes did better on bait.
From the reports the trick with the lures at the moment is don’t go too big with the best size 25 grams and 40 grams at the biggest with a lure with white in it the best which makes sense when customers also reported the salmon are full of very small white bait looking fish.
Calamari reports came from both the land and the boats with neither really standing out and being better than the other.
The numbers of people fishing for the calamari was down on what I would have expected for this weekend.
I had a surprising amount of visitors in over the weekend telling me they read or saw somewhere that it is out of squid season so they weren’t going to bother.
I don’t know where the information was coming from but we don’t really have a squid season anymore and they have become an all year round fishery.
We do get a fluctuation in the amount of calamari being caught but that has more to do with the weather and tides than the calamari not being there.
It’s the same as all types of fishing, if you haven’t got a line in the water you have no hope of catching fish.
Most of the calamari we saw were average in size but we did see one photo of another calamari caught this week pushing the 3kg mark.
There was no pattern at all in the best jig with almost every colour reported as well as baited jigs especially from boats and jetties and the baited jig only slightly more effective from the beaches.
Not as many snapper reported this week which was probably due to the tide and wind but a few more gummies.
The snapper reports and the gummy reports are coming from the same areas with The Corals both north and south and not quite in the channels the best.
Almost every report we have had over the last week were from 6m to 8m of water and not in the 12m or 14m you might expect fresh half or whole squid heads the best of the baits with a single size 8/0 hook on a running sinker rig.
If you don’t mind a bit of moving around and de-hooking a few rubbish fish, this time of the year can be very rewarding for whiting fishermen.
The numbers won’t be there and a bit of thinking and trying different things will be needed but the quality of the whiting you get are excellent.
It’s as if they have rugged up for the winter and you will notice a thicker fat layer under the skin and very healthy fillets.
Reports came from most of the usual areas while not necessarily the usual spots if that makes any sense – most of the whiting reports came from the deeper channel edges around Dickies Bay and in Cleeland Bight.
The only spot we had any decent reports from a spot you would normally fish was at Tortoise Head.
South Gippsland Game Fishing Club is turning 40 and are having a reunion.
They are looking for past members that are not in touch with the club anymore that would like to be part of the night.
The night will be held on Saturday, August 20.
For more information, just give me a call 0409 018 980 and I can send out details to you.
July is getting closer and so is our 10th birthday sale and planning is well underway.
The sale will run over the first 10 days of July with different bargains to be had on each day and some specials to run the whole 10 days.
Keep an eye in store or on our Facebook page.
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