THE new Amazone ZA-V linkage-mounted spreaders deliver all of the precision and innovation found in the professional ZA-TS series but in a more ‘everyday’ size.
Available in a range of hopper sizes from 1700 litres to 4200L, they feature automatic calibration, on-board weigh cell and tilt sensor technology and many other innovations not typically found in medium-sized spreaders.
All models feature Amazone’s proven ‘soft ballistic pro’ technology, which ensures all components of the agitation, metering and spreading system are optimally matched to protect the integrity of fertiliser granules.
Claas Harvest Centre South Gippsland principal Anthony Blackshaw said the ZA-V builds on more than 50 years of leadership in twin-disc centrifugal spreading technology.
“Amazone is the undisputed world leader in spreading technology,” he said.
“The ZA-V is a completely new series based on Amazone’s tried and proven ZA technology used in one million spreaders since 1958.”
With a maximum discharge rate of 6.4kg/second, a working width of 36m and operational speeds of up to 30km/h, the ZA-V delivers top-end spreading performance.
Three sets of quick-change discs achieve a perfect ‘three dimensional’ spreading pattern from 10 to 21m, 21 to 28m and 27m to 36m.
The high quality, deep-pressed hopper is manufactured in one piece and ensures an optimum fertiliser flow.
A 2.8 metre narrow-width configuration is also available.
ZA-V is available in a range of configurations.
The Super Profis (up to 3200L) and Ultra Profis (up to a 4500L), which are both equipped with two on-board weigh cells that automatically monitor and regulate application rate according to forward speed.
An optional tilt sensor monitors and adjusts the spreading pattern in undulating conditions.
“Optional low level sensors in the left and right hoppers send a warning message to the terminal once pre-set minimum fill levels have been reached,” Anthony said.
“Spreading with one side at a reduced spread rate or one-side only can result in the uneven emptying of the hopper.”
Profis models are equipped with an ISOBUS job computer as standard.
“This computer can be accessed using the Amazone Amatron 3, CCI 100 or Amapad terminal or indeed, any other ISOBUS compatible terminal,” Anthony said.
“Alternatively, there is the option of the new Amaspread+ operating terminal, which was developed specifically for fertiliser application.”
The 145mm display features illuminated keys, large icons and easy menu navigation.
The settings for up to 20 different fertilisers can be stored and recalled at any time.
In addition, it stores all of the details for up to 99 jobs, including area, fertiliser type, application rates, quantity applied and the time taken.
Amaspread+ also controls the new Limiter V+ border spreading deflectors, which improve spreading accuracy along borders and water courses without leaving the cab.
All Amazone controllers can be equipped with optional GPS-Switch section control, GPS-Track guidance and GPS-Maps variable rate technology.
Lower specifications include the ZA-V Control, which features a speed-related metering system, and the ZA-V Easy, which features a simple electric on/off control.
The new Amazone range is now available through Claas Harvest Centre South Gippsland.
For more information, contact Anthony and the team at the Leongatha centre, McPherson Street – in the industrial estate; or call – see advert this issue for details.