THERE has been a good deal of interest in the spike in birdlife in and around Anderson Inlet, Inverloch lately, especially in the vicinity of the lagoon.
And noted bird watcher Trish Teesdale, isn’t the only one talking about it.
“I’m not going to speculate about why the birds are there in such numbers at the moment. I’ll leave that to others but it is quite a spectacle and well worth a look,” Ms Teesdale said this week.
“We’ve had two or three pelicans on the lagoon for days now and quite a lot of other birdlife as well.
“It would be nice to think that people are taking an interest in it and coming out for a look.
“There are pacific gulls, immature pacific gulls, silver gulls, sooty oystercatchers, pied oystercatchers, large numbers of red-capped plovers feeding on the open ocean side as the tide recedes and some double-banded plovers, a wader bird from New Zealand.
“And probably a lot of others.
“The lagoon is ever-changing and has been open to the sea at high tide lately so it has been getting a regular flush out. It could also be that there has been fresh water coming into the lagoon lately.”
There are a lot of fish as well, some of which has been affected by the changing conditions, going by the numbers of dead fish along the shoreline.
But whether birds are unaffected by that or they are prepared to put up with a stomach-ache for an easy feed is anyone’s guess but they are certainly stopping off for a feed in large numbers.
Those interested are encouraged to stop, take a look and go for a walk. Alternatively, you can plan to take the kids to Inverloch over the coming holidays with lots to see and a number of programs running at the environment centre.

Holiday programs
The program of school holiday activities, operating out of the Bunurong Environment Centre has already been rolled out, starting on Sunday, June 26 and concluding on Sunday, July 10.
It’s a perfect chance to acquaint yourself with the local environment. While the dinosaur days are the most popular there are several opportunities to hear about birdlife around the inlet.
Here are some of the sessions on offer:
• Inverloch Dinosaur Dig: Go back in time and unravel the mystery of the dinosaurs that lived here. You can even hunt for fossils! Bookings essential, $10 adult, $5 school-age child or $25 family; meet at Bunurong Environment Centre, The Esplanade, Inverloch.
• Rockpool Ramble: Be amazed as you explore our shores and discover our rockpool action.
• Astronomy: Explore the night sky with astronomical telescope and astronomy apps.
• Wildlife Spotlighting: Learn about our animals and explore local bushland for creatures of the night.
• Whale Watching: An introduction to local whale species from the resident expert, then a whale watch drive around the Bunurong Coast.
• Bushcraft: Learn the essential outdoor survival skills with an expert instructor.
Cash payment and bookings can be made at the Bunurong Environment Centre on the day of the activity (see dates on the website at If you prefer to book by phone or need any further information about the activities, contact Mike by SMS on 0447 352 619.