GIPPSLAND Solar has installed Gippsland’s first Tesla electric vehicle public charging station at its Traralgon showroom.
Battery storage for the home is really taking off in Gippsland, with many dozens of home battery systems (Tesla Powerwall, SolaX Box, Selectronic myGrid etc) already installed.
This allows customers to store the excess power their system produces in a battery bank (instead of feeding the grid for 5-6c per kWh) during the day, then using that power at night for free (instead of buying peak electricity at a cost of around 30c per kWh).
Electric vehicles are a natural extension of this shift, allowing you to charge your EV at home or work from your solar panels, battery storage system or off-peak electricity.
With electric vehicles soon to enter the market for less than $50,000 brand new, it is expected there will be around 200,000 EVs in Australia
by 2025.
“Gippsland Solar has always been passionate about being at the forefront of our evolving industry, so naturally we want to have the first of many charging stations in the Gippsland region!” Gippsland Solar founder and managing director Andy McCarthy said.
“Tesla and Gippsland Solar have been working together for some time to make Gippsland’s first public electric vehicle charging station a reality, and Gippsland Solar has also purchased its own sign-written Tesla Model S to further push the message about the investment and job opportunities that this EV market (and the renewable energy/battery storage market in general) will create in the years to come.
“The charging station is open 24/7, completely free of charge (pardon the pun), and will be powered by our solar panels and battery storage.”