COLDON Homes has collaborated with Clevertick to create a virtual tour of two of their most popular home designs, the Saltney and Phoenix.
These are two of their most popular designs, and showcase the excellent layout and livability of the Coldon Homes range.
Visitors simply need to go to or and they will be instantly transported to the home.
From here potential buyers can click on different rooms, zoom in to look at details and finishes and wander throughout the home.
This is perfect for home builders who are still going through the process of deciding their final design.
By visiting the homes in a virtual way, they can review what they are actually getting in the final product.
“Our homebuyers may have already visited a display home, and want a way to check on what they saw,” James Goldsmith from Coldon Homes said.
“This way they can review the many features we have in a home, and be confident that they are making the right decision.
“It may even be able to prevent an argument or two because couples and families can revisit the display home and confirm the details they saw during their visit.”
For those who are yet to visit a Coldon Homes display, this is a great way to get a feel for the free flowing, open living that their designs are renowned for.
The two homes featured are both open for inspection.
The Saltney is located at the Wonthaggi Sales and Display centre, Cape Paterson Road in Wonthaggi.
The Phoenix is located in the Whytesands Estate in Cowes, on Phillip Island.
Coldon Homes can be contacted on 5672 1999 or