I would like state up front that I am a ratepayer for the Shire of South Gippsland and very passionate about this issue.
What disgraceful behaviour has been exhibited by the council as it decimated the Yanakie and Long Jetty Caravan Parks!
What about the human face of this disaster? Annuals are suffering emotional and financial hardship after a bitter battle with the callous council.
They have vowed never to return to the South Gippsland Shire! Local businesses in both towns are suffering huge financial losses because of a lack of tourism.
However the council professed to make tourism a priority? They have no idea of the impact this issue is having on the annuals or the locals.
Another major concern as a ratepayer in the shire is that bullying tactics were often employed during this process.
Many of the annuals at Long Jetty and Yanakie have cited cases in which they were bullied on many occasions by council representatives who behaved in an arrogant manner and with total disregard for their clients, the ratepayers of the South Gippsland Shire.
Some of the caravans at Yanakie and Long Jetty may have needed some modifications but an officer admitted the shire didn’t have the resources to do the regular checks on the vans.
So then is it the annuals’ fault if the council has been negligent in its duty?
The guidelines for compliance were written as guidelines only, not legislation!
All these people are devastated after a two year battle to save their little getaways. Their long term friendships are now severed forever and the halcyon days will never return.
The heart has been ripped out of these holiday makers’ haven, but the council paid no attention to this aspect of the issue.
The annuals are in shock after the shire implemented the eviction notices.
They had limited funds to fight the case but the council seems to have unlimited funds – it was prepared to spend hundreds of thousands of ratepayers’ dollars to fight this issue in the Supreme Court!
As a ratepayer I say they have no right to spend my money in the Supreme Court! I am appalled at the behaviour of this council which has shown little regard for its people, who are paying their hefty salaries.
The business plan which recommended the acquisition of the two parks by the council has not produced any
profits yet.
The quarterly financial statements often have errors and omissions but excuses flow forth!
Aren’t the councillors and Tim Tamlin accountable to the ratepayers? Currently there is widespread distrust and concern about the shire’s ability to manage its finances.
The council suggested it would take five years for Yanakie to be viable. How much will it cost ratepayers to run these parks until then?
I am suggesting millions of dollars! As a ratepayer of South Gippsland I have huge concerns for all the ratepayers in the area and believe this council is inept in its financial management and should be investigated and audited.
Small parcels of land are being sold across the shire including a block of land that was donated by a local family in Foster.
My husband and I received a letter from the shire asking if we wanted to purchase a few square metres of walkway land to create a slightly larger block for us. This would put a few more dollars into the council coffers. What is going on?
This shire has no financial skills or understanding of how these parks run and how profits can be generated.
The caravan parks were all viable private businesses with lessees, before the shire got their hands on them and reduced them to rubble.
Waratah Bay Caravan Park is a viable business model and we don’t want the shire making any changes!
Hands off Waratah Bay Caravan Park! The council has proven it has made a complete mess of the acquisition of the other two parks and is completely incompetent!
This council should be concentrating on the three Rs: rubbish, roads and rates, as recommended by Jeff Kennett.
Just a little reminder to this arrogant council; ratepayers will have their say at the upcoming elections!
Sue Shergold, ratepayer of South Gippsland Shire, annual at Waratah Bay Caravan Park.